Ways to Enjoy your Royal Stag Even More!

The name Seagram’s Royal Stag is associated with innumerable memories and times that were spent enjoying the company of friends, celebrating the good times and moments that shall be savored for years to come.

Thriving in groups is a particularly distinct Indian trait, and whisky is the secret ingredient that significantly amplifies the possibility of good times. So what better than Royal Stag Whisky, perhaps one of the most popular and beloved Indian whisky brands?

Due to its affordability and great taste, a result of the unique blend of Indian grain spirits and blended Scotch malts imported from abroad, Seagram’s Royal Stag Whisky has managed to successfully make its way to whisky glasses all over the country. Another variant of Royal Stag is Royal Stag Barrel Select which is the premium whisky for the discerning consumer who seeks an evolved taste.

As the common Indian adage dictates, happiness is doubled and sorrow is halved when shared, but the one thing it misses out on mentioning is the fact that with Royal Stag Whisky, happiness is quadrupled and sorrow is completely eliminated! If the question is ‘How to drink Royal Stag and make a lasting memory out of a moment’, look no further for the answer!

Share a bottle with friends on a rainy day

If a heavy downpour appears to be dampening your spirits, Seagram’s Royal Stag is the only spirit that can salvage your day. The monsoon presents a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to take a day off and relax.

how to drink royal stag

The warmth of good food, conversation and great whisky during the monsoon has the ability to transform an ordinary day into a mini-vacation.

Turn a beach trip into a party

The closest anything could come to the quintessential example of a fun, is a day at the beach. Since we agree on the happiness quadrupling abilities of Royal Stag Whisky, it’s never a bad idea to stick your toes in the sand, and enjoy a drink.

Ways to Drink Royal Stag Whisky

Put those tipsy toes to test with a game of football at the beach, proving once and for all that a perfect day is certainly not a myth, but is merely a matter of choosing the right whisky.

Stag Party

If life presents us with an opportunity to turn a pun into a party, who are we to question it?

Art of Drinking Royal Stag

A bottle of Royal Stag Whisky is the perfect way to commemorate a bachelor/bachelorette party for the proverbial one last wild night before saner times prevail. Pave the way for dancing, singing, jokes and endless banter with a true Royal Stag night!

Drinking Games

Whether it’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ or a game of ‘Truth or Dare’, drinking games are a tremendous source of fun at parties and with the right company, could turn into an everlasting pleasant memory, or something one can barely remember.

With Royal Stag Whisky, endless fun is only a few sips away with the possibility of an unforgettable night being exceedingly certain

Month End Blues

No matter what end of the economic spectrum you’re on, the month end blues forgive no one.

Royal Stag Drinking Occasions

During these moments of agony and despair, the perfect companion that will always be there for you is a bottle of Royal Stag Whisky, for it understands our struggles. With Royal Stag, the party is only a few calls away no matter what day or time of the month it is.

Royal Stag whisky is one of the few products that deliver an unmatched quality at an unmatched price, and an absolute guarantee of reining in the good times.

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