Highland Park Unveils Packaging Reflecting Viking Heritage

In terms of its flavour and taste, Highland Park has always stood apart from the rest. Now the scotch will be available to its patrons in a completely new look – as a part of its initiative to revamp the brand entity.

Orkney Islands of Highland Park brand, holds an enticing history tracing back to the 800 A.D. when the Viking kingdoms had established their rule on the island. Later, Orkney was included in Scotland. However, the connection of the Orcadians with the Viking heritage did not fade away completely. The Scandinavian DNA is still present in one out of every three Orcadians who are immensely proud of their roots. The ‘Highland Park’ brand was a creation of the residents of the village - a clear reflection the yearning they possess towards their roots.

The brand director, Jason R. Craig, commented on the revamped look, saying, “For whiskey fans, their first point of contact with any brand is the bottle and carton on a shop shelf or on a back bar”. Keeping this in mind, the new bottle and carton have been designed to explain the connection with the Viking bloodline – The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul.

The new design is inspired by Staykirke – a wooden church intricately designed with wooden carvings, declared as a heritage site, in the small village of Omes within Norway. Craig imagined the decor on a glass bottle, the result is the refined packaging! -a beauty depicting the ancient Viking legend riding a lion with dragons surrounding him like serpents, undoubtedly letting Highland Park stand in a separate league.

The new packaging comes in a wider bottle with a metallic treatment on it, uplifting the look. A contemporary logo boosts the style further. The Torg closure has been included to keep the alcohol safe inside. The beautified bottle will certainly add to the zeal of Scotch lovers.

The whiskey profile remains unaffected for the 18-year-old and 12-year-old variants. However, each has been provided with a sub-name, thus imparting a fierce identity, and a tribute to the ancient Viking legends.

Whisky News source date: 
Wednesday, May 24, 2017