Highland Park Celebrates 30 years of Inspector Rebus

Highland Park Distillery has created a special edition whisky, fondly named Rebus30 after the eponymous hero of the well-liked Inspector Rebus books by Scottish author Ian Rankin. The launch comes in the wake of commemorating 30 years of the super sleuth, Inspector John Rebus.

Crafted by master whisky maker, Gordon Motion, Rebus30 is a 10 year old single malt whisky, with well-defined notes of vanilla, punctuated with hints pepper sauce, and citrus fruits. A sinful, dark whisky that ‘is fit for a detective who truly stands apart’ Rebus30 has a long finish and has been designed to define the fictional icon’s character.

Highland Park’s association with the Inspector Rebus series goes all the way back to 2007, when the whisky giant joined hands with The Orion publishing Group to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Inspector Rebus novels.

Rebus30 is being bottled in a cask hand-picked by author Ian Rankin during his 2007 visit to the distillery in Orkney. It will be available to the Rebus fans and whisky lovers alike, at the RebusFest, which will commence in June later this year. Rebus30 has been priced at 38 dollars for a 70 cl bottle.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017