Glenlivet launches a Mysterious Whisky

Think you know whisky? Think again.

Premium whisky brand Glenlivet, staying true to its love for ‘mystery’ bottlings, unlocked yet another enigmatic, limited edition whisky – The Glenlivet Code. The Glenlivet distillery, taking cues and inspiration from the British Code breakers, challenges its whisky admirers to decode this new single malt themselves. It has been uniquely introduced as a truly mysterious expression without cask information or tasting notes to pique interest.

Glenlivet’s Master Distiller proudly talks about this exciting opportunity to create a limited-edition single-malt whisky that essentially uses unusual casks and cutting-edge techniques. Layers of varied flavours put to test the senses of the very discerning whisky drinkers and provide an engaging, knowledgeable experience. For all whisky enthusiasts, The Glenlivet Code offers a new understanding of single malts as a whole, in great detail.

Along with the launch of this whisky came the first ever digital whisky tasting. The technology provides an augmented reality experience to the whisky drinkers when they scan the Shazam code—they get transported to a virtual space, where they can identify the combination of flavours and aroma to unearth the taste of the whisky. This technological innovation measures every customer’s senses. The results from individual assessments then get scored and shared on social media.

While The Glenlivet Code is first of its kind, it is in fact a successor to two other “Mystery” bottles released by the distillery. The Glenlivet Cipher which was released in 2016 had a similar interactive code-cracking theme and prior to that, The Glenlivet Alpha in 2013. It’s may be an end of the year wait for The Glenlivet official tasting notes to be revealed, but connoisseurs are convinced that The Glenlivet Code embodies floral and fruity notes.

With an ABV of 48% and a smooth finish, The Glenlivet Code has a suggested retail price of $120 for a bottle and can be availed at U.S. retailers from the end of April 2018.



Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, September 4, 2018