Gifting Whisky Heres Everything You Need to Know

Gifting whisky is becoming increasingly popular these days, and has evolved into a strong contender for the loyalty of the younger generation. As more and more gravitate towards whisky, it is undeniable that the identity of whisky as a viable gifting option has only risen in the market today.

Gift-giving has nearly always been a cumbersome activity for many, especially since not many people excel at it. The entire exercise requires a particular expertise, attention-to-detail and the most important part – lots and lots of research. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, a colleague, your boss or even a potential client, a bottle of good whisky immediately makes things better.

Not only birthdays and anniversaries, gifting a bottle of whisky makes for a great proposition on Christmas, Thanksgiving and especially when celebrating personal milestones and triumphs. It may not be as simple as simply going to store, and asking for the most expensive bottle they have. Whisky is a matter of choice, and preferences are always subjective.

Whisky Gifting

Planning to get a bottle of whisky for someone you love, or intend to impress? Want a bottle of whisky that impresses your loved one? You’re in the right place with The Whiskypedia! We list the three most important things one must consider when gifting whisky.

Know Their Drinking Preferences

There are a lot of factors that can help you determine the perfect bottle of whisky for anyone with relative ease. The most important one is knowing the person well, so you can make an informed decision.

How do they like to take their whisky? Do they prefer to drink it neat, or are they fond of cocktails? It surely wouldn’t make sense to shell out the big bucks for a bottle of vintage single malt Scotch whisky for someone who might end up dousing it in ginger ale!

Whisky Bottle

Or perhaps consider how blasphemous it could really be when you hand over a mid-shelf Bourbon to someone that considers themselves a whisky academic, and only drinks their whisky from a Glencairn glass?

A loved one could maybe forgive you for a cardinal sin as this one, but if it’s someone you are looking to impress, maybe your boss or a potential client, we suggest you get to know their preferences to the tee. Some whisky enthusiasts can be rigid about their tastes, and not too open to new experiences, whereas there are some that actively seek out new kinds of whiskies, matured, distilled or blended in exciting new ways.

If you know the person only prefers to take their whisky neat, and are generally hesitant to try out modern whiskies, stick to the classics. They could be an Aberlour 12 Year Old single malt Scotch, the acclaimed Longmorn Distiller’s Choice, a Ballantine’s 17 Year Old, or even a great Bourbon like the Buffalo Trace.

Aberlour 12

For whiskies that have been birthed out of innovation, and can be enjoyed neat, go for Scotch whiskies like The Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Limousin Reserve single malt, or the Chivas Regal XV. The Aberlour A’bunadh is also a terrific no-age-statement, small-batch cask strength single malt.

Now if they love cocktails, it is difficult to go wrong with a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey, Powers Gold Label Irish whiskey or Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch. These are exceptional whiskies that are known for their ability to blend well with mixers.

Jameson Triple Distilled

So we know the most important bit about picking the right bottle of whisky to gift is understanding how they like to drink it. Let’s move on to the next step that can help you make the right choice and become the whisky gifting master among all your friends and family members.

Know Their Food Preferences

Whisky Gifting

Now we know what you’re thinking but hear us out. Whisky and food pairing are a concept that has been around for decades, and although there is some amount of subjectivity to it, you cannot go wrong with a basic structure.

The person you are planning to gift whisky must have their food preferences understood by you, in order to make the most educated choice. Certain foods are incredibly harmonious with certain types of whiskies, and can truly elevate the experience for the drinker. Not only does it give you an opportunity to show off your immense knowledge of the subject, it makes the person feel extra special.

Whisky Gifting

If they enjoy foods such as smoked salmon, light creamy cheeses, and seared scallops, refreshing and fruity Speyside single malts such as The Glenlivet 12 Year Old would be a great choice. If you wish to opt for a blend with a pronounced Speyside influence, the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old would be a phenomenal choice. A bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey wouldn’t be too bad either.

Islay whiskies are known to be enjoyed best with Cranachan, a traditional Scottish dessert. It is made with honey, cream and oatmeal, and truly makes strongly peated Islay whiskies such as the Ardbeg 10 Year Old, Laphraoig 10 Year Old, or the Lagavulin 16 Year Old better. Dark chocolates, dried fruit and other light nutty and buttery desserts, puddings are great choices, and so are cured meats such as salmon.

Whisky Gifting

Similarly, whiskies that have undergone maturation in Sherry barrels, drawing a heavy influence from them are paired wonderfully with meaty food dishes such as lamb chops, steaks or any other smoked/barbecued cut of meat.

Babaghanoush, prepared from with a charred aubergines is also an ideal food to be enjoyed with heavily sherried whiskies such as any single malt Scotch from the Aberlour Double Cask series, the Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak, or the Redbreast 12 Year Old Irish single malt whiskey.

Whisky Gifting

So as you can see, getting to know their food preferences is an important detail that can really help you pick the right bottle of whisky to gift.

Know Their Style

Whisky Gifting

If you are purchasing a gift for someone that is already an avid whisky lover, and has a massive and comprehensive collection of their own, things could get tricky for you. It could also turn out that the person isn’t really fond of whisky so what could you do in a situation like this one?

There are plenty of whisky brands in the market with stylish and attractively designed bottles and decanters. For someone that might own all there is to, or might only be interested in owning a bottle that showcases some amount of craft and elegance.

Four Roses

There are a number of expressions you can find in local stores, or even on duty-free stores such as the Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai Edition, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Edition, the Jack Daniel’s Birthday Edition and the Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon.

Four Roses

If you are purchasing this present for a special someone, and are willing to shell out the big bucks, you could even go as far to get not just a beautiful bottle, but even an excellent whisky inside! The Royal Salute 21 Year Old and The Glenlivet Enigma are two terrific examples of the latter.

With these three crucial steps, you are now ready to gift the perfect bottle of whisky, and collect the praises and accolades for your superior gifting skills!