Get 'em Good This April Fool’s Day

The Tradition of Trickery

Prankster or Pranked?

“APRIL FOOL!!! Ha ha ha...”

Love those gleeful shouts or hate them, amidst the cacophony of laughter, they always find a way to strike us. However much we may prepare to not get fooled, we invariably fail through the silly shenanigans, come April 1. That’s right! With the onset of spring this New Year, we are soon going to land at one of our favourite occasions of the year – April Fools’ Day! A nightmare for some of the serious mortals, it is an exciting day to enjoyment for many.

In the age of hoaxes and fake news, it often feels like April Fools’ Day even when it’s not. Regardless, April 1st, sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day, is officially the global day of maverick mischief. Humour is great for your overall well-being. Goofing off with friends and family, tickling their funny bone and yours  – all in all, a day full of fun to keep your spirits raised.



The paranoid among us wonder why this day came about at all. Though the day has been celebrated in several countries and varied cultures, the historical origins of April Fools’ Day stands ambiguous, most believed that it all began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar emerged, and the New Year was moved from April 1 to January 1. However, many out of habit followed the same old norm, and they were teased as “April fools”. Over the decades, this became a tradition of pulling harmless pranks, all in the good spirit of fun to mark the day. Though there are several variations of celebration, the common thread of making someone play the fool is a constant one. For instance in France, the person who gets fooled is known as poisson d’avril (April fish), as it implies a young fish caught easily. This continues today amongst young French children who pin the paper fish to the backs of their unsuspecting peers. April Fools’ Day lasts for two days in Scotland! There is no better way to kick off the spring season than nudging the ones we love with a bit of mischief, right?


Celebrations Today

In the 20th century, newspapers, radio, other media and spirit brands have participated actively to commemorate this day by joining the humorous spirit with their customers by showcasing fake news, and false headlines in many countries. And the spirit businesses are lagging behind either. Right from blind whisky tastings of the renowned 100 Pipers whisky to the smooth single malt Aberlour, bars and visitor centres offer live, exciting events with local music and quirky cocktails on April Fools’ Day.

The most amazing aspect about April Fools’ Day today is that it brings friends together to enjoy a day together and draws maximum results from minimum efforts. Besides, it has remained untouched by the current consumerism trend, as there is no essential expenditure to participate. All it calls for is loads of creativity, researching your target audience, preparing to apologise in advance.

And of course to get in to the spirit of things in wild abandon with some great whisky, and other interesting whisky infused concoctions to salute with. A martini made with whisky? A Manhattan made with tequila? Before you exclaim in surprise – it’s April Fools’ Day, remember? It’s all about confusing your friends’ taste buds by pranking with some strange spirits on this fun occasion.

Brand: 100 Pipers

Price: INR 1,500-2,000
Availability: Asia

April Fools' Day is arriving soon, so start planning your fun. Step up your prank game this year and draw some levity from the drudgery of daily existence. Be sensitive though, not to deploy humour as a means to hurt someone. And, as you keep an eye over your shoulder that day, remember to raise a toast responsibly to many April Fools’ Day to come.

Here’s hoping you are successful in your gags and in case you find yourself on the other end of the stick, cheer up and plan ahead for the coming year!