Fun Drinking Games to Play this Halloween

Fun drinking games to play during Halloween

As children, Halloween was the prospect of unlimited candy and the chance to dress up as your favourite cartoon, comic-book or movie character; or rather your parents’. Now as we grow older, it isn’t candy that excites us the most but the chance to party with our best friends dressed of course as our favourite cartoon, comic-book or movie character; some things really don’t change much do they?

This Halloween, after the cobwebs are up, and the skulls have been placed, the brooms bewitched and the costumes prepared, all there is to do is hit the stores for some large quantities of whisky and all the liquor you can find. Send out the e-vites, create the spookiest playlist you can think of and most importantly, find the best Halloween party games that will make it the most happening Halloween party to have ever been thrown.

Here are three of the most perfect Halloween party games for adults that involve loads of drinking and a lot less candy that you are used to!

1. Trick or Treat!

Halloween party games for adults to enjoy

Don’t worry this game won’t send you out into the neighbourhood asking around for free booze. Trick or Treat is an interesting spin on the traditional children’s custom making it a terrific Halloween party game for adults to enjoy.

As far as drinking games are concerned, a certain amount of pageantry and competition are to be expected but with Trick or Treat, you get exactly what you hear in the name. This is also one of those perfect drinking games where everyone gets the chance to get drunk, only some will end up being tested far beyond what they were expecting.

To play Trick or Treat, all you will need are at least six to ten opaque shot glasses depending the number of people at your Halloween party. You will also need a marker, a pair of dice and two kinds of liquor, a pleasant one and a rather unpleasant one.

To play this Halloween party game, players need to roll a dice and they drink from the cup that bears the number on their dice. They might end up tasting a delicious mini-Whisky cocktail shot, or a shot of bottom-shelf whisky neat! You can be as creative as you like and fill the shot glasses with as many kinds of whiskies, whisky liqueurs and even mini versions of cocktails if you like. That’s how you make Trick or Treat a simple yet effective Halloween party game for adults.

2. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus - Halloween themed drinking game

This phenomenal game can be played in as many variations as you like, and nothing is as synonymous with the spirit of Halloween as this drinking game. You can not only get drunk with all your favourite adults within the confines of your home, it also presents the opportunity to watch your favourite horror movie and feel the heebie-jeebies to the fullest!

You can go online to find this Halloween party game version for your favourite movie, or make things even wilder and more whimsical by making the rules yourself. Make sure there aren’t any children around since this is strictly a Halloween drinking game for adults.

For example, if your favourite horror movie is The Exorcist, you can create a list of rules for everyone to take a shot or sip of their drink every time someone utters a profane word on-screen. You can add two sips or shots for instances that don’t occur too often. Next, you can add three or more shots for instances that are even fewer such as the very tastefully done head twist that continues to terrify just about everyone. If you don’t wish to go through the trouble, we found one for you online. Click here to find the Hocus Pocus drinking game for The Exorcist.

3. Hands Full

Hands Full – Halloween themed drinking game

This Halloween party game is for adults who like to live life on the edge, and as recklessly as possible. The perfect drinking game to play with your gang that are up for just about everything a party can throw at them. It is also called ‘Edward 40 Hands’ after 40cl bottles of beer.

Things could get a little messy with this Halloween party game but as long as you are having fun, it won’t matter much at all. Hands Full is not only simple, but also a crude way to just see how much and how fast you or your friends can drink and also hold their liquor (in the belly or the bladder!)

To play Hands Full, all you need is a roll of duct tape, about two bottles liquor per person, and hands. The bottles can be any sizes depending on how adventurous you or your friends are, and what you will need to do is tape the bottles to their hands and finish them before they can do anything else. Yes, they can’t eat, go to the bathroom or do just about anything that involves the use of their hands. Didn’t we say it’s a simple drinking game after all?

Enjoy your Halloween party and always remember to drink responsibly and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE under any circumstances. Happy Halloween!