Fried Chicken Day: Celebrate in Style

Remember that time when birthday parties were all about getting our hands and clothes dirty with cake frosting and crumbs of ketchup-coated fried chicken? We all associate fried chicken with food that’s finger lickin’ good. For all those chicken lovers worldwide, July 6th has been earmarked as National Fried Chicken Day. To make an occasion out of it, have friends over for chicken and whisky if you will-- Ballantine’s and 100 Pipers make excellent choices in this regard.

It is not quite clear as to what started the celebrations to begin with. But since we are all up for making it a day, here are a few fried chicken options that could be your choice for the day:


The act of bashing chicken breasts into thin escallops or cutlets is oddly satisfying. On that note, let’s celebrate Fried Chicken Day. Chicken cutlets are the most common variant of fried chicken available in India. From street vendors to fine dining restaurants, you are bound to find the item on the menu without fail. Dip your cutlets in mustard paste; we all crave that sharp hint of delicious pungency, and there’s no better alternative than mustard in this regard. The mustard will tenderise your chicken cutlets. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, a clove of minced garlic, and an egg to bind all of that together to the chicken breast. Use your hands to marinate the chicken; there’s nothing that does the job better. Get going at the crunchy coating, use cornflakes for this step. Add paprika to your cornflake dust for that piquant touch. Coat your cutlets in the powdery mix. If you’ve beaten your cutlets thin enough, you won’t need much oil and time for frying them. Flip and fry them on both sides till they are crunchy enough to your liking.


Chicken strips fried to perfection can give your French fries a run for their money. A garlicky lemon-mayo dip goes well with this fried chicken variant. Do not worry if you are allergic to mayonnaise; strips are yummy with or without any form of sauce on the side. Thinly slice a chicken breast into strips, the same as the width of your fingers. Have one bowl of whisked eggs, one of seasoned flour with salt and pepper, even better if you throw in dried herbs for a little bit of complexity, and one of breadcrumbs. Crunchy coating time! Start off with coating your chicken strips in the flour, then dip them in the whisked eggs mixture, and finally in breadcrumbs. For the mayo dip, take half a cup of whole egg mayonnaise; add a teaspoon of lemon zest and a teaspoon of lemon juice, and a crushed clove of garlic. A nice mix and your yummy dip is ready. Shallow fry them till they are crispy in terms of texture and golden in colour, or that to your liking.


There’s no one way about this fried chicken variant. From spicy hot Korean ones, distinctly sweet honey glazed ones, to deep fried ones, there are way too many chicken wings variants. In a table of ten, each one could come up with their preferred chicken wings of choice. We chose sticky spiced chicken wings for Fried Chicken Day. Start off prepping the marinate first. Put a whole lot of tamarind paste, two tablespoons of palm sugar, a good sprinkle of chilli flakes depending upon your tolerance for spice, a tablespoon of garlic paste, fish sauce, and oil. Rub your chicken wings well in the marinate and leave them to rest; the longer you let them rest the more dressing the wings absorb. Bake them or stir fry them in garlic, tomatoes, and green chilli paste. Voila! Your chicken wings are ready!

Mark your calendars already. Prep well in advance. On this Fried Chicken Day, have a plate of crunchy fried chicken and a glass of fine blended scotch to wash it down.