Food Pairings to Avoid When Drinking Whisky

Drunk foods usually have lot of grease or are highly acidic but that also make them quite bad for the stomach when you have been drinking a while. While you may have read about best food pairings with your favorite liquor, today we discuss foods to avoid when drinking hard drinks like whisky.

Dairy Products

Alcohol + dairy can make you feel awful to say the least. Hard drinks like whisky may irritate the lining of your stomach and having lactose heavy dairy products on top of that often makes you feel like throwing up. So, it’s best that you avoid dairy products after having a few Patiala pegs.

Patty Burgers

Here we are talking about burgers with grilled vegetables or meat patties inside them. These oily, greasy buggers are not good for your health (and for those watching their weight). Simple carbohydrates in these foods get absorbed faster, leaving you with a lot of unwanted calories and fat. However, if you cannot control your cravings, go with lentil or plant-based burgers as they are more nutrient-dense, and alcohol makes it harder for your body to absorb nutrients.

Fries and Pretzels

Avoid having salty foods when drinking hard liquors like whiskies and vodkas. Foods with higher salt content also increase the rate of dehydration and leave you dealing with massive hangovers come next morning. In case those are your only food options for some reason, make sure you gulp them down with copious amounts of water to counterbalance the dehydrating effect.

Red Sauce

The acidic nature of tomatoes in a red sauce often provokes GERD, acid reflux, and heartburn. While you may not experience the symptoms immediately, you may wake up feeling miserable in the middle of the night. Also, once you lie down the gravity stops helping you keep the food down, and the feeling of uneasiness keeps increasing.

Chocolates, Candies and Sweets

The caffeine in chocolate can trigger gastro issues similar to other acidic foods on this list. On the other hand, super-sweet foods like candies make you want to drink more and leave you blabbering on the floor. So, if you want to avoid a gastronomical disaster or overdrinking, limit the sweet stuff to a bite or two.

Citrus Fruits

The acidic nature of citrus fruits often instigates digestive issues when you are drunk. Although it’s not a bad idea to reach out for some fresh produce of citrus fruits, overeating your pineapples and oranges is not advised. Instead, reach for fruits like bananas, which undo some of the whisky’s dehydrating effects.

Spicy Foods

While spicy foods like hot sauce can cause a mini uprising amongst your taste buds, alcohol and overly spicy food are not a very feel-good combination. Not controlling your spicy food intake while drinking can really mess up the system for several mornings to come.

Well, that concludes the list of foods you should avoid when drinking whisky and other hard liquors. We hope it helps you pick your snacks and food more carefully the next time you party. Also, you will wake up feeling much better if you stick to a more balanced, nutrient-rich snack choices. Cheers!