Five Surprisingly Refined Indian Whisky Brands

Nothing adds respite to your evening like a glass of whisky, especially when you have had a long day at work. Our love for this drink becomes apparent when you count the sheer number of whiskies available in India. Also, our passion for whisky is partly rooted in its robust and refreshing flavor profile, which suits the hearty nature of our cuisine. With more international whisky brands landing on our shores, Indian whisky lovers have never had it better.

But what about the evolution of Indian whiskies?

In recent years, natively matured whiskies have created a buzz at international tasting events. Due to the tropical climate, whisky maturation in India happens faster, adding complexity to the nose, palate, and finish of these drams. So, here are five surprisingly refined Indian whisky brands you wouldn't want to miss.

Amrut Fusion Whisky

This whisky was ranked No. 3 in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010, and he notably said, "It's a whisky that a number of Scottish distilleries pray for. Amrut Fusion whisky is created from a combination of unpeated Indian barley and peated Scottish barley. These are distilled separately and aged for a minimum of four years before being 'fused' together. The resulting whisky is aged further for three more months. On the palate, Amrut Fusion has refreshing notes of orange, pepper spice, some chocolate and gentle peat. The fruit and spice linger for a while with a subtle marmalade finish.

Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky

Paul John comes from Goa, the 'Pearl of the Orient.' The label has delighted whisky aficionados across the world with the distinct character and intense creaminess of their drams. Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky offers a good hint of peat before giving way to honey and coffee. The flavors linger on to provide a long finish. For the ultimate tasting experience, drink the whisky neat with one tiny ice cube if need be.

Woodburn's Contemporary Indian Whisky

Woodburn's whisky bagged the silver medal in the "World Blended Whisky" category at the International Spirits Challenge 2019 held in London. This homegrown whisky from Fullarton Distilleries is a full-bodied dram aged in matured oak barrels. Woodburn's whisky offers a distinctively smooth taste and rounds off beautifully towards the finish. The charred barrels give this whisky a bold and smoky front and a peaty finish.

Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky

This dram comes from India's oldest distillery – Radico Khaitan – and is made from Indian barely. The spirit is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in ex-bourbon barrels to give Rampur Single Malt its smooth and mellow taste. The whisky has prominently fruity notes and traces of toffee and spices in the background, with a lingering sweet finish. The bottle is packed in a silk pouch and fastened with a gold tassel to add some regal panache.

Kanya by Paul John

Kanya is a particularly flavorsome Indian single malt from Paul John. The whisky is aged for seven years in first-fill bourbon casks, resulting in complex, well-balanced dryness and rich, creamy butterscotch flavors from the oak. It mellows out nicely once you add a few drops of water while still impressing the palate with its spicy character. This single malt is a slow sipper, so before indulging, make sure you have the time it deserves.

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