Monsoon Special: Five Perfect Seasonal Whisky Cocktails To Stir Up A Storm

To think of a lazy monsoon afternoon, one expects to do nothing but indulge in some delicious fast food, enjoy the weather and wear our procrastination hats all day. A heavy monsoon shower is the perfect excuse to get out of work, crash on the couch and try not to move for at least six to eight hours.


A nap wouldn’t be pushing it too far either! Yet within mentions of all these activities, we did forget to mention the cohesive agent that binds together the idea of a monsoon holiday like none other – Monsoon Special Cocktails!

Do they even exist? What could monsoon cocktails even be? Are you excited to find out the perfect company for your lazy monsoon weekend? Look no further because we bring you five of our best choices for a delightful rainy day tipple beginning with the universal favourite;

The Hot Toddy

he perpetual cocktail for every kind of cold weather, the Hot Toddy is simply irresistible. One of our most highly recommended whisky cocktails, and among the select few warm cocktail recipes out there. Everything about the Hot Toddy is immensely appealing, right from the wonderful combination of flavours from its ingredients, to the very obvious fact that it has whisky in it.

Another interesting thing you will love about the Hot Toddy is that it requires no fancy ingredients. No bitters, no liqueurs, and no expensive whisky! All you have to do is get your favourite daily dram out, and mix it with some ordinary ingredients to make something extraordinary. The Hot Toddy is a comforting whisky cocktail during the colder months of the year, and has also been known to do its job as a nightcap perfectly.

cocktail, and they are frankly the two most important ingredients. One makes it a ‘coffee’, and the other makes it ‘Irish’.

Monsoon Whisky Cocktail

Most people may think of parties, bright lights, loud music and jubilant dancing when they think of cocktails. The Hot Toddy is nothing like those things, and you can enjoy its warm comfort even while reading a good book, or while reclining on the sofa with some soft classical music in the background.

To find out all the ingredients that you need to make yourself a cup of warm, soothing embrace for your insides. You can also learn the easy steps that can help you prep a Hot Toddy in no time.

The Irish Coffee

Our next monsoon themed cocktail recommendation has to be the Irish Coffee, the perfect comfort for cold mornings. The Irish really have a knack for creating sinful indulgences by taking their love for great whiskey, and combining it with some extraordinary ingredients.

The Irish Coffee is a whisky cocktail that embodies every single quality that one looks for when the weather is cool and nippy. It is warm, it is delicious and it has whiskey in it – a real triple threat! Just like the Hot Toddy, you don’t need much when you’re preparing yourself a cup of Irish Coffee. There are two important things that can really make or break this whisky cocktail, and they are frankly the two most important ingredients. One makes it a ‘coffee’, and the other makes it ‘Irish’.

 Monsoon Whisky Cocktail

That’s right. You need a quality whisky, and an equally deserving coffee if you intend to get the best out of your Irish Coffee. Jameson Irish whiskey is the best as they come, and at The Whiskypedia, we are huge fans. Just give us a bottle of Jameson, and there are more than a handful of ways we can enjoy it.

You can whip up a couple of Irish Coffees within minutes with no fancy equipment, or elaborate preparations and presentations. If the Irish Coffee sounds like the perfect monsoon whisky cocktail for you, you can learn how to make it here.

Mumbai Masala

With a name as interesting as this one, there really isn’t a reason to give this whisky cocktail a shot, pun intended. Mumbai has long been known for its love-hate relationship with the monsoon, and has resulted in many days off for people working in the city of dreams. Come to think of it, what better to capitalize for an unplanned day off work thrust upon us by a heavy shower? That’s right – a cocktail!

The Mumbai Masala is an elaborate cocktail recipe that requires some efforts, but the payoff is definitely worth it. This whisky cocktail recipe contains a long list of ingredients, but they are mostly commonly found in all Indian households so you won’t have to worry much.

 Monsoon Whisky Cocktail

This is a really crazy combination of flavours, with lots of spices which is definitely the quintessential Mumbai experience. The Mumbai Masala is the ideal pairing for some delicious monsoon snacks like fried pakoras and vadas. Our advice? Be prepared to make a LOT of these because not only are you going to be having more than one, everyone around you is going to be asking for a couple of these too!

Check out all the ingredients, and easy steps in order to prepare your very own Mumbai Masala whisky cocktail for the perfect accompaniment with piping hot food on a lazy rainy day.


Unlike our first few cocktail recommendations for a lazy monsoon afternoon, the Penicillin is a whisky cocktail served chilled, and without a whole lot of spices. At its heart, the Penicillin a whisky cocktail with a generous helping of ginger, and just a hint of super smoky Islay single malt.

The cocktail recipe for Penicillin was developed by Sam Ross, who worked at Milk & Honey, an NYC bar. It is at Milk & Honey that Ross developed the recipe for Penicillin in 2005, and it has since gone on to become a regular at bars and restaurants worldwide. Such has been the impact of this seemingly ‘easy’ cocktail recipe that it has found its place among the pantheon of classic whisky cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, and the Whisky Sour.

 Monsoon Whisky Cocktail

The warming qualities of ginger, the soothing comfort of honey, and the incredibly rich smokiness from the Islay single malt all come together to create a unique harmony for this whisky cocktail. At its core, the Penicillin cocktail recipe is a simple one but the aromas and flavours are nothing but. The cheeky sounding name almost makes it impossible to forget this drink, and believe us, people haven’t.

Since 2005, the Penicillin has achieved an astronomical popularity and success with mixologists and cocktail lovers in every corner of the world. If you are anxious to try this one out and elevate your lazy monsoon days to a cut above the rest, all you need to do is click here.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats the immense joy of taking the first sip of hot chocolate on a cold night while you’re nestled in front of the television, watching a good movie. It is the typical experience of a night well spent, and few would argue that it could be made better. You know what we’re going to say aren’t you? It is only whisky that can make something like this even better, and that is exactly what we are proposing.

 Monsoon Whisky Cocktail

A cup of hot chocolate is better as it is, but you add whisky to it and all of a sudden, just one cup isn’t enough at all. It is the ultimate comfort drink for millions of people all over the world, and everyone likes to add their own twist to it. Some people prefer a generous dollop of whipped cream, whereas some think a marshmallow is the way to go.

Us? We think everything can be made better if you just add some whisky to it. Get the easy Boozy Hot Chocolate recipe to make yourself the perfect companion on a cold night.