Feel the Rush with Cars and Whisky

As the snow melts and winter fades to welcome warmer months, racing tracks get set to host cars and automakers competing for top honours. Grand Prix raises the adrenaline levels of every racing enthusiast. If you are preparing to head to the stands, organize a get together, or just watch the game alone, having some good booze is a perfect accompaniment to the excitement. For whisky lovers, this could be a great opportunity to stock up and toast the season. You can serve it chilled, on the rocks, or with your favourite mixers and food. The warm Sunday afternoons will then begin and end on a high note.

Let the racing fervour begin. We are here to help you plan. Here’s a list of food and drinks you can assemble to get the party going.

Whiskies – While there are numerous options available to heighten your spirits, whiskies with fresh, floral or fruity flavours are best suited for the occasion. Aberlour 18 Year Old is an excellent single malt to  stock up on. It is fruity and honeyed, with delicious notes of vanilla and raisin. Four Roses Bourbon is a good bourbon to quench your tipple cravings. Among blended whiskies, you can choose from an array of balanced drams, like Chivas Regal 18. Its orange peel and marmalade notes, with a long oaky finish, gives that kick you will love while watching the cars zoom across the screen.

Cocktails – No spring and summer party is complete without a cooling cocktail. A boozy ginger ale is a great drink for enjoying the racing event. Its gingery kick gives you that dopamine boost which can make you feel as if you are sitting on the driver’s seat and are about to hit the accelerator. Mint julep is another classic refresher in these warmer months. The mint leaves, crushed ice, sugar syrup and bourbon mixed together, give you that punch to lift everyone’s spirit. If all you have are lemons and water, add a dram and make a citrusy highball. Do shots after every lap and cheer for your favourite driver.

Food – Good food lifts the energy of the party. The epicurean in you may want to barbeque ribs, make sandwiches, grill peaches with bourbon glaze, cook a steak with an Irish whiskey-spiked sauce, or even bake some smoky vanilla bourbon pretzels. For dessert, you can make some whisky-coffee ice cream. If you want to keep it hassle-free, it would be easier to assemble some hot dogs, salads, and sandwiches, and whip up some whisky-infused dips to enjoy with your ordered-in fried chicken.

Whisky and Grand Prix

Grand Prix has had a long association with alcohol branding. Formula One teams such as Ferrari, Williams, McLaren and Force India have regularly promoted whisky and beer brands. Given that brands enjoy frequent promotional opportunities in such events, on average 11 references every minute of the two hours, Formula One is a popular advertising platform. Diageo cashed in on this golden egg in 2014 when Johnnie Walker became the event’s official whisky.

While drinking and driving together is a complete no, it is fine if you are at home or are with a sober partner who can drive you back home safely. Be responsible and you can watch the Grand Prix till the end. As the winners spray the champagne from the podium, you can chug a dram and celebrate their success.

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