Fashion: Whisky in Your Wardrobe

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are interested in fashion and that you are a whisky lover. But although you probably have, on several occasions, dressed up and gone out to drink whisky with your friends and family, has it ever occurred to you that it would be awesome to have clothes or accessories more closely associated to a whisky brand? For instance, wearing a brown cardigan paired with a laced-up mid-calf tan boots and a kitschy ochre scar while ordering Jameson is cool. But can you imagine wearing a limited edition watch made out of barrel wood to complement what you are wearing? You are probably thinking, is that even possible? Well, if you know where to look, you can find whisky accessories that will blow your mind and amp up your style.

Finlay & Co and Glenmorangie sunglasses

The Scotch whisky industry, for the first time witnessed an amazing collaboration, where Glenmorangie partnered with Finlay & Co, a luxury eyewear brand, to create limited edition sunglasses. It has been established that both brands share a fondness for wood, and it is fitting that their range of sunglasses be made out of wood. Crafted in Britain, following a 16-step craftsmanship process, these Glenmorangie sunglasses are a whisky lover’s dream come true.

Original Grain and Jim Beam watches

In case sunglasses are not your style, consider watches. 500 limited edition watches made by Original Grain in collaboration with Jim Beam, out of their bourbon barrel wood, imagine that. Individually, every watch is different because each of Jim Beam’s American oak barrels are unique in character. So, if you buy one for yourself and another for your best friend, they are inherently different. That aside, Original Grain has designed them with Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement 21 Jewels, mineral crystal glass cover making them water resistant and a power reserve of 40 hours. They pack the watches in a kit which includes a certificate of authenticity, a branded flask, and a few other collectibles from both houses.

Oliver Sweeney and Johnnie Walker/Talisker brogues

If you are someone who sneaks in liquor at every place that says no to liquor, simply because you know when you want your liquor, I think you should invest in a beautiful pair of brogues. Wondering why? Renowned shoemaker from Italy, Oliver Sweeney has crafted boots that are meant for more than walking. Brogues that are too good to look at and has a hidden compartment that can hold miniature Johnnie Walker bottles or a small Talisker hip flask. Walk in, confidently now, without having to worry about the repercussion of getting caught.

Patrick Grant and AnCnoc scarf

By now you have surely figured out the importance of a good collection of scarves in your wardrobe. Scarves can liven up your attire on days when you simply cannot make an effort and scarves you can fall back on to tone down your bright clothes any day. They are basically your solution to almost all wardrobe issues, and no doubt you keep adding to your collection. Now, I am sure if you have looked at a bottle of AnCnoc Blas, you have thought how awesome it would be to have a scarf resembling the artwork on the bottle. My bet is, someone else thought about it too. So, February 2016 saw AnCnoc partner with Scottish designer Patrick Grant to design a limited edition expression, like the one on the bottle of Blas. Born were beautiful silk scarves and pocket squares that were released in the market when Blas was launched. You better hurry if you want one of those, because pretty sure not many are left for purchase today.

Harris Tweed and Johnnie Walker backpack

Let’s admit it—bags are important. And great bags always grab eyeballs. So, here’s presenting a range of limited edition backpack from the house of Harris Tweed, made out of pure wool and infused with Johnnie Walker Black Label flavors. These bags are spacious with several compartments and include a water-resistant blanket that can also be worn as a poncho. It can’t get better than this. Also, the collaboration has resulted in only 50 bags, so if you want one, I recommend you start looking at all the right places.

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