Farzi Café in Bangalore

Bill for two: 3200 + Taxes

Score (out of 5): 

Food: 4.5

Ambience: 5

Drinks: 5

Pricing: 4


Despite being located within a mall, Farzi Cafe probably has the best ambience for a Bangalore microbrewery. This is no small matter considering that the city is dotted liberally with microbreweries— with names such as Toit and Arbour leading in popularity.

The outdoor area has plush seating with low tables. Although that is a minor inconvenience when you are trying to pick up your pasta, one can easily use the side panels as armrests or a nifty perch for drinks.

The chain's popularity notwithstanding, it resembles the setup atop UB City— well thought out and customized to the Bengaluru crowd. The servers are attentive, well-versed in English and quick with recommendations. Ordering the Coorgi style pork ribs as starters turned out to be a brilliant decision. These were cooked to perfection, with a crunchy, tangy South Indian-style outside coating tender, juicy meat within. The meat slid out of the bone easily and in spite of the massive portions, the six pieces were polished off quite effortlessly.

We ordered a chocolate brew of beer that was on tap, along with a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Served with a twist of orange peel, the bourbon-based drink lived up to traditional standards, and one couldn't help repeating the order. The tap beer was palatable, but could have been milder. We also wanted to try the nano-plates on offer and selected the Kerala calamari. Surprisingly this was less spicy than we had anticipated, but the squid was perfectly cooked. Again, the portions were almost twice of what similar restaurants offer. 

After a couple of drinks we moved to desserts. (We had been eyeing the Bailey's lollipop tree for quite a while.) This was our highlight for the evening as the lollipops were the right balance of boozy gooey goodness and had a sharp chocolaty punch. 

There was really more to this place than the food and the cocktails. The lights came on around 7PM and transformed the overall vibe from being a laid back cafe to a chilled out pub/cafe. We will definitely go back to this place to sample the rest of the menu.