Facts About Jameson Whiskey

To have heard the name Jameson, one need not be the most ardent whisky lovers. The world’s most popular Irish whiskey is known even to recreational drinkers and teetotallers, such is the level of renown Jameson has come to enjoy. Yet, there are some things that are unknown to most Jameson lovers that love to enjoy a dram or two on the regular.

A lot of surface level information and facts about Jameson are widely known but the more interesting and amusing details remain relatively unknown. Hard to blame people for not knowing them since it is so difficult to get away from enjoying a bottle of Jameson to find out more about it.

Did you know, there is a local Irish bar in the United States that held the record for serving the highest amount of Jameson whiskey than any other place on the planet? Who knew the Americans loved Jameson this way! All this and many more fascinating information and facts about Jameson Irish whiskey are here for you to enjoy. Don’t rule out the possibility of using a fact or two during a conversation at the bar, or at a party with your friends to show off your supreme Jameson-ness in style. Read on to find out everything you have ever wanted to know about your favourite Irish whiskey.

John Jameson

The most astonishing fact about Jameson Irish whiskey is that John Jameson, the man who created this iconic brand, was actually Scottish by birth!

Jameson sold more than 3.48 million nine-litre cases in the United States of America in 2018. That is nearly half of the 7.3 million cases of Jameson Irish whiskey sold worldwide in the same year. This makes Jameson the undisputed number one Irish whiskey worldwide.

In 2008, the Local Irish Pub, a bar in Minneapolis, USA was recognized as the bar that sells the most Jameson Irish whiskey than any other place on Earth.

Jameson Whiskey

The bar recorded sales figures of 671 cases of Jameson that year, making it 22 bottles of Jameson sold every single day! That achievement from 2008 was the third consecutive year when the Local Irish Pub sold the most Jameson than any other establishment worldwide. We have a newfound respect for the people of Minneapolis!

The Jameson brand has endured for over 240 years since it was founded by John Jameson in 1780. This makes Jameson not only one of Ireland’s oldest distillery and company but also the world.

Fact About Jameson Irish Whiskey

To put things into perspective, the Jameson brand was established just four years after the United States of America won their independence in 1776.

Facts About Jameson Whiskey

'Sine Metu' is the Jameson family motto, and it translates to ‘without fear’. The family was also granted a coat of arms that is adorned on all the labels carries by Jameson bottles.

The first three generational owners of the Jameson brand were all named John Jameson. Really makes you chuckle at the John Jameson & Sons name doesn’t it?

John Jameson was the son-in-law of John Haig, owner of the Haig brand of Scotch whisky. Haig was an immensely popular brand of blended Scotch back in the day.

In 1966, all the whiskey produced in Ireland was produced by just one company! That is when John Jameson & Co. joined forces with Cork Distillers and John Powers, creating the Irish Distillers Group.

The idea for Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition was conceived over drinks between the Master Blender at Jameson and the Master Brewer of the Franciscan Well brewery.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

During this conversation, the two decided that Jameson would lend their new oak barrels to the brewery to age their stout beer. Once finished, the barrels would be taken back to Jameson’s New Midleton Distillery.

Here, the finest Jameson whiskey would be matured in ex-Stout barrels to create something truly extraordinary. Thus, the Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition was born, and is now one of the fastest growing expressions from the company.