Exploring the Joy Named Jameson Irish Whiskey Part-II

If you’ve been following the journey of Jameson Irish Whiskey, you’d know that John Jameson, the founder was a bit of a daredevil in his time. Scratch that, he was in fact a legendary hero who always took new challenges with a pinch of salt and made better of the circumstances. He is a true conqueror who still reigns supreme in the hearts of the Irish. No wonder, the golden spirit that came from such an illustrious man’s repertoire is the world’s best Irish whiskey. Many folklores make John Jameson, here’s adding a few more anecdotes to the man who made the world fall in love with Irish whiskey.

The Great Storm of 1781 was so fierce that it could compete with the turbulent waters that Samuel Taylor Coleridge chimes of in his The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Great waves raised their monstrous heads from the dark depths of the sea and crashed with vengeance upon the fragile wooden boards of Jameson’s ship. John Jameson was on a journey and accompanying him were barrels after barrels of his beloved Irish whiskey. As the crew prayed and struggled against the raging storm, the thunderous sea took one of Jameson’s dearly-guarded barrels with it. John Jameson, being the man he was, was not ready to lament his loss. Instead, he bid adieu to his scared crew, kissed the fairest maiden on board one last time, and plunged into the icy cold, inky madness of the stormy sea. For those who shared his journey on that fateful day, he was all but lost. Weeks later a funeral was held. All of Ireland attended in mourning. The loss of John Jameson was deeply grieved. Except, there was a late comer to the funeral who’d change the grief in astonishment. As you might’ve guessed, John Jameson emerged on the rocky shores of the loch, the barrel perched lovingly on his shoulder.


So much saving a barrel of whiskey, one may wonder. But was never a drop of this golden preciousness wasted? And not just a drop. History tells us that there was a boy named Bill Scully who worked on the distillery floors of the famous Bow Street Distillery in the late 19th Century. A young boy lacking the expertise of being a help, he only knew of the trademark triple distillation process that Jameson Irish Whiskey underwent. Nothing could compare to the craft that made Irish whiskey smooth as a new born’s skin. Yet, his one mistake made him famous. During the third stage of distillation, owing to Scully’s lack of expertise, 428 gallons of precious distillate was lost. Bow Street Distillery was shunned into silence at this great loss. Scully was to blame and his name went down in the historical ledger as the one who lost copious amounts of the famous golden tipple. Scully couldn’t show his face on the streets for his one action had earned him the ire of the locals. Yet, he found his redemption in a glass of the wonder called Jameson Irish whiskey.

Here’s raising a toast to the whiskey that changed lives and created stories. May Jameson Irish Whiskey always be without fear on the face of struggle.