Best Ways to Utilize Empty Whiskey Bottles

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Whiskey lovers may or may not be enthusiastic travelers but the one thing they definitely hate arriving at, is the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Now it would be unwise to discard something that you have cherished with all your heart but for the creatively inclined whiskey drinker, upcycling a bottle of whiskey can help you make it a part of your home forever.

There are a lot of ways how one can upcycle and creatively utilize a bottle of whiskey that can be as easy as using them as a flower vase, or a rustic piece of décor for the beautiful shelves in your living room. If you have time, and a comprehensive set of tools and skills at your disposal, the possibilities are typically endless.

We present a short list of some the most creative applications of empty whiskey bottles that will help you create some truly one-of-a-kind décor pieces and other useful objects out of those magnificent bottles that held the spirit of the Gods within them for years.

1. Décor

Empty Whiskey Bottle| Décor

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A simple, yet elegant way to upcycle your favourite bottle of whiskey involves some paint, a sandpaper and nothing more! Cover the whiskey bottle in paint with a can of spray paint, or with a brush if that is how you prefer to do it, and roughly sand the embossed name of the whiskey brand, and we are done!

2. Soap Dispenser

If you have a smaller whiskey bottle, it can be put to good use as a soap dispenser, or even a lotion dispenser, the choice is completely yours. All you need to do is rinse the bottle well, add the preferred contents and attack a dispenser nozzle on top.

3. Whiskey Chandelier

Empty Whiskey Bottle | Chandelier

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Combine your favourite whiskey bottles to craft a beautiful and rustic chandelier for your bedroom, home office, or even your favourite nook of the house. This would involve some tools, and even the help of a professional although the end to this delightful upcycling option definitely justifies the means.

4. Unique Glasses

Another slightly tedious but extremely rewarding way to upcycle your favourite whiskey bottles is to turn them into a set of glasses that are so unique, no one other than yourself would have them. This one would require equipment such as an electric sander, a glass cutter and more but the end result would make it all worthwhile! Check out this amazing glasses made out of Jameson whiskey bottles.

Empty Whiskey Bottle | Glass

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5. Whiskey Bottle Lamp

Empty Whiskey Bottle| Lamp

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This delightful creation can add a touch of whimsy to your home office desk, or even your nightstand, allowing you to truly honour your favorite whiskey bottle in the best of ways. You might need the help of an electrician to install the lightbulb but for things that are worth having, the trouble is too right?

6. Bird Feeder

Be a kindred spirit for the little birds that serenade you with their chirps every morning with easy DIY bird feeder. Just about any shape, and number of whiskey bottles can be easily turned into a bird feeder for both grain and water in a matter of minutes.

Empty Whiskey Bottle | Bird Feeder

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7. Planter

Craft the perfect planters for your indoor succulents out of your favourite whiskey bottle to make your office desk even more attractive. Round, square or other uniquely shaped bottles can allow you to make some truly eccentric and interesting planters for your succulents.

Empty Whiskey Bottle| Planter

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These are the many interesting ways that you can use to upcycle your whiskey bottles and utilize them in ways that allow you to keep those fantastic bottles around for longer.