Launched in 2014 and already known widely for its gin and vodka products, Durham Distillery owner Jon Chadwick and head distiller Jessica Tomlinson have announced plans to expand and relocate to a larger locale at the heart of Durham. This is a step towards their foray into the production of single malt whiskies. Due for release in 2021, Durham Distillery joins a small band of just over ten whisky producers in England.

Durham Distillery was the first emerging business to be invested in by a £20m set up by Business Durham, part of Durham County Council, to help firms grow in the county. The fund, managed by private equity house, Maven Capital Partners, invested £250,000 in the distillery to assist its relocation and production of Durham Whisky.

There is plenty of excitement surrounding the production of Durham Whisky and distiller Jessica Tomlinson is eager for the process to begin. Tomlinson is not only one of the few female distillers to be found in this region of England, but also within the whisky-producing industry.

After four years of perfecting their craft, they have had the opportunity to see their gin and vodka products stacked on shelves and in stores next to well-established brands which have been around for several years. This comes as a chance to be a part of whisky’s rich history for those interested in the region and spirit’s heritage.

Alongside increased production of gin and vodka, owner Jon Chadwick is preparing for what looks to be a promising year of business as they move production from the outskirts of Durham to a larger city centre premises. The new location will not only provide additional operations and storage capacity but will also allow the distillery to become an attractive destination for visitors. It will accommodate them to host tours and private functions, as well as be a space for locals to get together.

Whisky News source date: 
Thursday, February 1, 2018