Dram on Cam: Johnnie Walker in Bollywood movies


Bollywood movies are famous for their songs and intense drama. Interestingly, the Indian Film Industry also seems to have a great obsession with ‘Johnny Walker’ whisky. This famous spirit has made an appearance in several movies from the 90s and 20s.

Not only the several variants of this iconic whisky are used to differentiate characters, but they also play a major role in the character’s development as well. You’ll be certainly surprised to see how many Johnny Walker bottles have lurked in movie scenes without you noticing: 

1. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 

Featuring Ajay Devgan as the main protagonist, this movie includes various instances of Johnny Walker to depict the love of the underworld for the drink. While Emraan Hashmi (Portrayed as Shoaib) makes a plan to invade Mumbai, Sultan Mirza walks to the roof to announce that he’s leaving for Delhi the next day, and spins a bottle of Johnnie Walker on the table – now that’s called a dramatic exit. 

2. Bachna Ae Haseeno 

 Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor, this movie also portrays a bottle of Johnnie Walker when the characters work out over things and clear their disputes. When Ranbir asks, “You’re the rogue Raj Sharma, aren’t you?” The bottle can be clearly seen in front of the campfire of the forest in which both the characters are resting. 

3. An Evening in Paris 

 Suzy, a charming woman’s character played by Sharmila Tagore lures multiple men, including a red-headed guy holding a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label in the background. Another character named Deepa (Again, played by Sharmila) is forced to drink whisky from a shelf that contains both the Red and Black Label whiskies of Jonnie Walker. Even a whole group of dancers is shown performing in the movie with Johnnie Walker being in the frame. 

4. Awaargi 

Starring the ever-young Anil Kapoor and Meenakshi Seshadri, the movie Awaargi has a lot of references to Johnnie Walker. When Azaad (Anil Kapoor’s Character) threatens to slap Meena and says, “I’ll give you a tight slap”, a bottle of Johnnie Walker can be seen sitting on the side. 

5. Ram Lakhan 

Vivia, played by Sonika Gill, is a fierce woman who works for gangsters but meets a fun-loving guy known as Lakhan, played by Anil Kapoor. While Vivia wishes “All The Best” to Lakhan, a Jonnie Walker can be seen behind her hand, which makes it even more evident that she works for gangsters – thanks to the old Bollywood references. 


Bottom Line 

While there are several movies that have depicted the world-famous Johnnie Walker whisky on the set, the aforementioned references depict the area of interest clearly. Moreover, in case you think these were just used as a prop, you should think again. 

Johnnie Walker has contributed prominently to character’s development and to highlight their nature. The next time you watch a Bollywood movie, make sure you keep an eye for your favorite spirits.