Even more Desi Cocktails to Try in 2021

Summers are slowly creeping close, and it’s time we readied our cocktails recipes to beat the summer heat. If you are looking for something beyond Margaritas and Sangrias to keep you cool this summer, we advise the Desi way. In India, we already have a whole host of Desi coolers; a little ‘spirit’ is the only ingredient missing.

We already have a handy list of Desi cocktail recipes at The Whiskypedia, and today we are sharing even more of these delectable coolers for your tasting pleasure.

Guava Mary

This spiked guava juice cocktail is the perfect remedy for a heady summer day. Add a dash of vodka, a slice of lemon, and Tabasco to your guava juice. Blend the ingredients well before pouring the Guava Mary into chilled glasses, rimmed with chili powder. Add ice to your liking and enjoy the cloying sweetness of guava juice, pepped up by the vodka and lingering taste of spicy red chili powder.



If you, like us, are a sucker for rasam, this is the summer cocktail for you. Take your love for this South Indian delicacy up a notch with Rasamtini. Add a dash of vodka along with nutmeg powder, gun powder, and cumin powder to the rasam, serve. Now get ready for the sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors to run riot in your mouth.

Benarasi Paan Mojito

Ever thought of mixing a mojito with Paan leaves instead of the usual minty affair? We bet you did not. Well, better late than never. Start by cutting and chopping the meetha paan leaves and add some lemon juice, water and sugar. Use your favorite vodka or white rum for the kick. For sweetening the deal, add some soda or Sprite and ice to the mix.

Sugarcane Mojito

What happens when you add a dash of Absolut to the plain old Ganne ka Ras? A summer bliss happens. Mix this amazing cocktail by adding your favorite vodka to sugarcane juice spiced with chaat masala and cumin powder. Garnish with strips of vodka-soaked sugarcane strips and mint leaves. Also, don’t forget to chew away the strips once you are done sipping.

Pani-Puri Cocktail

As far as Desi cocktails go, this one rules them all. Pani-puris filled with vodka or tequila are best served during friends and family reunions. Get your favorite pani-puris and your favorite liquor and get ready for endless fun. To cool things up, use iced pani-puri water.

Alright folks, that was the last one. We hope now that you are ready for the summers because we are!