Desi cocktails to try in 2021 – Part 2

We are back with another iteration of Desi cocktail recipes for your tasting pleasure. If you missed trying out Desi cocktails like the Curry Leaf Mojito, Vodka Jaljeera and Jamuntini, check them out here. This time around we are heading our list with India’s favorite summer drinks mixed with some desi daaru brands. Afterall, spring is here, and summers are just around the corner, so what else can be more refreshing than our beloved sherbets and shikanjis?

Rum Panna

Adding a dash of white rum to your regular aam panna recipe gives you a refreshing chiller for summertime. We bet it’s going to remain in your all-time favorites list forever. Preparing Rum Panna is quite straightforward, prepare aam panna (requires raw mangoes, black salt, cardamom powder, saffron strands, and sugar) and serve chilled, with 15 to 30ml white rum added to the mix.

Khus & Gin Sherbet

Nothing cools the mood like a refreshing glass of Khus sherbet. Although the drink looks like Absinthe, it rather gives you a cool head instead of tipping you over. But if you can get the best of both worlds by adding a splash of gin and some Sprite to regular old Khus sherbet. We prefer our Khus & Gin Sherbet with a moderate 30ml of London Dry Gin, 15ml Khus syrup, topped up with Sprite, a pinch of salt and ice cubes.

Whisky Imli Mix

Another contender for becoming your hot favorite this summer, the Whisky Imli Mix is really a match made in heaven. The sweet-sour taste of tamarind mixes so well with the spicy, smoky palate of whisky that we can only wonder why no one thought of it earlier. Add 45ml of your favorite whisky, 30ml lime juice, 15ml simple syrup with a tablespoon of tamarind paste mixed with equal part hot water (then cooled). Mix well and serve chilled.

The best part, this cocktail is not too picky about the whisky you use, you can use a premium liquor or regular old Royal Stag, Imperial Blue or Blenders Pride, and it still tastes great.

Rooh Afza Cosmo

Most Indians think Rooh Afza when they think sherbet. This Desi cocktail replaces the cranberry juice in the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail with the rosy Rooh Afza. The result is an out-of-this-world summer cocktail. Mix 15ml Rooh Afza with 25ml Absolut Vodka, and curacao, lemon juice and sugar syrup in equal parts (15-20ml). Top it off with chilled water and ice cubes.

‘Rum’ani Lassi

One of the reasons why the desi inside us yearns for summers is the Lassi. This classic Punjabi cooler hits the summer heat out of the park once you add a punch of rum and Irish crème to the mix. Throw 45ml rum, 60ml lassi and 25ml Irish crème in your cocktail shaker, mix vigorously for 30 seconds before pouring and topping off with ice and mint.

Ready to go crazy? Well don’t wait on us and get mixing these awesome cocktails with your favorite whiskies, vodkas and rums.