Resting at the foot of the winding Kintyre Peninsula, Campbeltown was once famous as the whisky capital of the world. Flanked by Loch Campbel, this deceptively tiny township had as many as 34 distilleries strewn across its length and breadth. But, those are days of yore. The count may have dipped to just three distilleries in the recent years, but Campbeltown, with its rich heritage of making malt whisky is a dream destination for whisky lovers. Of all things that this petite town has to offer, distillery tours are right up the ally of whisky aficionados.

When in town, do not miss visiting the Springbank Distillery. Established in 1828, it remains the oldest family-run distillery in Campbeltown.  As a seasoned docent walks you down the meandering halls wedged between the mossy stone walls of the distillery, discover the traditional process of floor malting and bottling whisky, all under one roof. Once done with Springbank, make some time for a short visit to the Glena Scotia Distillery. A far remove from the magnificence of grand Speyside distilleries, Glena Scotia oozes old world charm, and is perfect for a quiet whisky tasting session on the Scottish lowlands.

Apart from distillery tours, you might also like to pay a visit to the Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse for a bird’s eye view of the elfin Campbeltown. Book yourself a sea tour, and cruise on the waters of Loch Campbel, lazily sipping on a glass of Scotland’s finest malt while soaking in the beautiful natural landscape. Campbeltown may be one of the tiniest Scottish whisky-making settlements, but it has a lot to offer to the explorer in you.