Creating The Perfect Bottle Of Whisky – Learning From The Experts

Too often, conversations around the goodness of a whisky are hinged more around the contents inside the bottle. This can sometimes lead to many whisky makers overlooking one crucial part of their art, and that is paying attention to crafting the perfect whisky bottle itself.

In this regard, there have been many whisky makers who place an equal amount of emphasis on the whisky bottle as much as they do on the whisky itself. Luxury whisky makers are more likely to think about presenting their product in a bottle that reflects the steep price tag that is usually attached to it.

To create a beautiful whisky bottle, one must envision a work of art that shall be worthy of occupying prime real estate on a prized home bar, or a whisky connoisseur’s whisky collection. In order to learn how whisky makers build the perfect whisky bottle, The Whiskypedia looks at the process by breaking it down into three core values –

  • The Material

  • The Shape

  • The Design

Beginning with understanding the right materials to make a great and beautiful whisky bottle.

The Material

 Aberlour Abunadh


Arriving upon the right choice of material is a crucial step when one sets out to craft the perfect whisky bottle. The importance of picking the right material is represented not by durability in this regard, but rather what looks best when perched atop a prized spot on someone’s priceless whisky collection.

Royal Salute 62

t is always the best looking bottles that stand out, and in order to achieve the unthinkable, one must be willing to push the limit in terms of quality. The makers of Royal Salute did exactly that when they decided to pick the finest porcelain to make their precious flagons.

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Every part of the Royal Salute porcelain flagon is hand-crafted, and an almost immaculate attention is paid to the symmetry of each piece. This is one of the hallmarks of crafting the perfect whisky bottle, and has allowed Royal Salute to elevate their brand above others with maximum grace and poise.

Another popular choice when it comes to creating a beautiful whisky bottle is crystal. Hand-blown crystal is a huge draw among premium whisky makers, and the results are just as perfect as one would expect

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Many whisky makers have created their own crystal decanters in the past, and Chivas Regal have been one of the most recent brands to do it extraordinarily. Chivas Regal The Icon was bottled in hand-blown Dartington crystal decanters, a fitting tribute to an exceptional Scotch.

The Shape

Speaking of Chivas Regal’s The Icon blend, it is important to point out the next crucial step when designing a whisky bottle to die for, the shape! The Icon is one of the rarest blends, created with spirit from distilleries that no longer exist today. Legendary Master Blender Colin Scott finished the blend in some of their rarest hand-picked casks, and it was a mandate to create a bottle that were fitting to hold this precious blend within.

It is thus important for whisky makers to pay close attention to the shape of the bottle, just as much as attention they pay to the material. The shape of a whisky bottle goes hand-in-hand with the material since one quality cannot possibly stand out without the other. A whisky bottle made with the most premium material, but with a poor design or vice versa would undermine all the effort. It is thus important for both, material and shape of the bottle to be in sync.

Royal Salute 38

Royal Salute 38 Year Old Stone Of Destiny

When it comes to a premium design, it is not just a Scotch bottle that always stands out. A lot of regional whisky brands have excelled in this regard over the years. The boldest example has been none other than Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, a fine Indian whisky. Finished in Oak barrels using the amazing Spanish Solera method, this exquisite blend required a design that matched its quality.


Blenders Pride.

CARTILS, a UK based designing firm helped design a beautiful bulbous bottle with the brand name embossed into the glass. This has helped Blenders Pride Reserve Collection elevate their brand name above their competitors with ease.

As we speak of embossing and other embellishments, let us move on to the third and final component of designing a beautiful bottle of whisky – the design.

The Design

Nearly all aspects of a whisky bottle that do not fall under the first two categories, fall under this one. Design covers pretty much everything beginning from the brand logo, motifs, art and the way it adorns the bottle. Let us explore the importance of design with an example.

Chivas Icon

In one of earlier references, we spoke about Chivas Regal’s The Icon, a breath-taking work of art. Not only did Chivas Regal go out of their way to create an innovative new shape that stayed faithful to their traditional design, they chose the prestigious Dartington crystal as their material.

For their final coup de grace, Chivas chose an intricately designed metal plate to bear the brand name. Chivas turned The Icon into a work of art, created with the sole purpose of taking your breath away before you even taste the whisky. A heavy stopper gilded in silver finish, embossed with the beautiful Chivas luckenbooth completes the awe-inspiring look of The Icon.


Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal’s choice of material and shape would have remained incomplete without the perfect rendition of design, and this observation holds true for most whisky brands.

Now let us look at The Glenlivet, one of Scotland’s most remarkable single malt Scotch whisky makers and how they made history with the Winchester Collection. Bottled in hand-blown decanters created by Brodie Nairn’s boutique glass design firm Glasstorm. They are one of the leading Scottish glass smiths, and have worked with some leading Scotch whisky firms in the past.

Whisky Bottle

The Glenlivet’s Winchester Collection is a rare 50 Year Old single malt Scotch from the Speyside distillery, and has been named after Alan Winchester, the maverick Master Distiller at the distillery. The bottle been created with precision, designed by Bethan Gray who stayed faithful to tradition and created a design that was both refreshing and in The Glenlivet’s mould. The Winchester Collection Scotch bottles have been hand-painted and engraved with a Dhow pattern inspired by the distillery’s surrounding landscapes and their beauty.

Such meticulous attention to detail is crucial in order to make a beautiful whisky bottle that conspicuously makes its presence felt among its contemporaries. It is how brands like Royal Salute, Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet have stayed timeless and relevant at the same time.