Colorful Cocktails to Pep up your Holi Celebration

Holi is a celebration of life, light and color, a joyful time to celebrate with loved ones and strangers alike. This year, celebrate the festival of colors with some equally colorful cocktails. Today we have some unmissable white liquor cocktails for pepping up the Holi 2021 celebrations.

Vodka Jell-O Shots

These wiggly, vodka shooters are a combination of strawberry vodka, citrus vodka, blue raspberry vodka and colorful Jell-O. Prepare the colorful layers following Jell-O package instructions, add unflavored gelatin and flavored vodkas once cooled. Put the boozy dessert in the fridge to harden. Welcome your guests to an absolutely magical experience.

Red Jell-O Shot:

2 cups hot water, 6 packs of gelatin, 1 cup Absolut Juice Strawberry vodka

Yellow Jell-O Shot:

2 cups hot water, 6 packs of gelatin, 1 cup Absolut Citron vodka

Blue Jell-O Shot:

2 cups hot water, 6 packs of gelatin, 1 cup Absolut Raspberri vodka

The Sweet and Sour Rainbow

A wild candy-like cocktail to color your celebrations. Use a blender to combine the orange flavored vodka, sweet and sour mix, and orange juice with ice. Pour the mix into serving glass. Rinse the blender and repeat for adding layers of other colors. You can also serve the mixes separately.

Orange Layer:

45ml Absolut Mandrin vodka, 15ml sweet and sour mix, 30ml orange juice

Green Layer:

45ml Absolut Lime vodka, 15ml sweet and sour mix, 30ml Lemon Lime Soda

Purple Layer:

45ml Absolut Berri AçaÍ vodka, 15ml sweet and sour mix, 30ml purple kool-aid

Lychee & Strawberry Margarita

The Hulk Shots

Made from Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, lime juice, and light rum, these wild little alcoholic cocktails are as bright as they are punchy. Add ice to the shaker and pour the ingredients, shake well. Strain and mix in shot glasses.


45ml light rum, 45ml pineapple juice, 10ml lime juice, splash blue curacao, splash triple sec, splash simple syrup

Pool Party Punch

An incredible fish-bowl cocktail for poolside fun, this tropical mix is one for the crowd. It’s one of the best sippers every made, and perfectly blends in the colorful Holi celebrations. All you need is some vodka, lemonade, blue curacao, lemon wheels, and orange wedges to mix the Pool Party Punch.


1 part Absolut vodka, 2 parts lemonade, splash blue curacao, lemon wheels, orange wedges, and ice

Cherry Vodka Limeade

Combining vodka, fresh lime juice, cherry juice and lemon lime soda, this sweet, carbonated cocktail will surely please the celebrating crowd. Shake the ingredients well before adding ice and topping off with lemon lime soda Garnish with lime wedges and cherry on the top for an extra refreshing vibe.


90ml Absolut Cherrys vodka, 45ml Absolut Lime vodka, 90ml lemon lime soda or Sprite/7up, 30ml fresh lime juice, 15ml cherry juice

The holidays are almost upon us, so get busy sourcing the liquor and ingredients before the time runs out.