Choosing Whisky For Your Valentine

“Today is Valentine's Day — or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day!”

                                                                                                                               –Jay Leno

The winter chill has started to fade, and the sun has emerged out of its grey shroud. It’s that time of the year again!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’re still struggling to find ways of impressing your special one, rest assured you are not alone. We’re all for love, and it’s perfectly natural to be somewhat shambolic when dealing with the variety of emotions it may evoke. 

For all you passionate lovers out there struggling with shopping that this occasion often warrants, fortunately there is whisky. If you are daunted by the complexities of lingerie hunting, here’s a delightful yet unconventional option to the rescue. Just like love, a fine expression of whisky is enough to ignite two souls and bring them closer. After all, a lot can happen ‘over a dram’ too!

Now that you know how to make this Valentine’s Day memorable, gear up already! This is a handy guide to choosing whisky based on where you are in your relationship, so you can avoid either going overboard, or risk underwhelming your loved one.


Exploring Uncharted Love Interests with Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured

You’ve tested each other with your romantic advances but you’re still indecisive about letting your emotions flow out of the box. Don’t worry – simply gift a soft, fruity and subtly spiced whisky like Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured and let your special one figure out your heart’s intent.

This whisky comes with notes of toffee and caramel which leave behind an aftertaste of light spice. The finish is not blatantly sweet and it reminds one of a juicy fruit gum which precisely amalgamates a hoard of flavours into one distinct taste profile.

Price: Rs. 2,500-3,500
Availability: Europe, Asia, North America


Celebrating Newly Found Love with Chivas Regal

The first few months have been great and it’s time to up the ante. Raise a toast to new promises with a remarkably rich and generous blend like Chivas Regal 12.

The peaty and subtle roasted flavours of this whisky gradually cascade into a complex butterscotch and vanilla infused aftertaste that lingers for a long time. With enchanting whiffs of heather, apricots and pears, this whisky doesn’t take much time to imbue some fun-filled intensity in your Valentine’s Day rendezvous with your special one.

Price: Rs. 10,000
Availability: Europe, Asia, North America


Revering Loyalty and Commitment with Johnnie Walker

Commitment and faithfulness are the kind of words that best define your extended association. It’s the moment to rejoice, and rejuvenate the essence of love that has kept you going for so long. Nothing can be better than reveling in the moment with a whisky that serves as an epitome of progress and inspires us to “keep walking”, that is, Johnnie Walker.

Whether you like it smoky and spicy or somewhat creamy, Johnnie Walker has an expression to fit every whisky lover’s preferences. Still, if you need a suggestion then count on Johnnie Walker Double Black as a special nightcap to serve after dinner. This expression adds to the regular Black Label profile by including heavier blends like Islay whisky, thus making way for a deeper and heavily charred tasting experience. The finish of this whisky is essentially intense and spicy – exactly how your Valentine’s Day celebrations will turn out to be with this on the table.

Price: Rs. 2,000-3,000
Availability: Europe, Asia, North America


Lastly, Lauding ‘Singlehood’ with Royal Salute 21 Year Old – Sapphire Flagon

Just been through a breakup? Don’t bawl your eyes out over something that wasn't meant for you. Think positive – this year you’ll go out to eat on Valentine’s Day just to see random couples fighting over missed reservations. You’ll get to make your morning brunch just the way you like it (with extra cheese), and you’ll get all the time you could want to watch that premier TV series you missed last time. Consider this Valentine’s Day as nothing else than a welcome respite to celebrate ‘your’ very own existence. Grab a bottle of Royal Salute 21 Year Old – Sapphire Flagon and simply sip your way towards a new start and newer resolutions. With soft spices, quality cereals and a fresh orange zest, this expression is totally unique – just as you are. 

Price: Rs. 10,000-20,000
Availability: Europe, Asia, North America


So be bold and go forth with your list of whisky gift ideas. Shopping doesn’t always have to be an arduous task. In fact, it even becomes a whole load of fun when you are motivated by love!