Chivas Regal: Great Taste Is A Gift

Chivas Regal: Great Taste Is A Gift

Festival season is all about celebrations, excitement, indulgence and most importantly, gifting. A good gift symbolises that the gift giver has taken some time out and pondered over the giftee to present a thoughtful offering. Picking up a gift can be tedious, and still, you may end up giving something that is not needed. Usually, the first thing that sets in our mind while we plan for a gift is that it should be useful, and when the person you want to gift is a whisky-lover, you should not have second thoughts about picking up a bottle of an excellent whisky.

Whisky can be a fantastic gifting option. But often, choosing a whisky can be intimidating for someone who is a huge whisky fan, especially when you are not an expert yourself. While there are so many choices of excellent whiskies available in the market yet at times, it is difficult to find a bottle that suits the preference of both parties. You may go for a whisky that you know the person loves, or you could surprise them with something new. For episodes like these, we recommend the universally loved and one of the finest blended scotch brands Chivas Regal.

We all know that Chivas Regal is a pioneering whisky brand started by Chivas Brothers in their humble grocery store cellar. Developed from scratch, it has laid a history for Colin Scott, the master blender of Chivas Regal, to continue the tradition of making whisky that fashions the smooth signature style. This blended scotch is a literal definition of the fine taste of whisky. It is also a trend-setter of its kind, which bursts a common myth that only single malt whiskies are of fine quality. The Chivas Regal brand has fortified its reputation through a blend of great taste, stellar quality and rich history that dates back to 1801.


Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky is a luxury whisky for those who know their alcohol well and those who have just started their journey; this premium, exquisite spirit is for all. Every variant of Chivas Regal is fortified with its distinctive formula and selection of aged whiskies. This gives each one a unique flavour, character and taste.

Do not worry about the budget, occasion or variant of whisky; you can find a Chivas whisky gift for every kind of person. Here we have logged a few to suit different types of people in order of the lowest to the most expensive.

Chivas Regal 12 Years

If your friend is a newbie whisky drinker or loves to try out a classic scotch, then Chivas Regal, aged 12 years, blended scotch whisky is for them. The smooth taste and easy finish are appreciable for first-time drinkers, too. So every time your friend pours a dram of Chivas Regal 12 year, they will experience a new side of this scotch.

Chivas Regal XV

Besides being matured for 15 years, this blend is unique because it is selectively finished in French oak cognac casks giving it notes of orange marmalade, honey, cinnamon and juicy sultanas. This one is for the ones who like to celebrate in champaign style. Chivas Regal XV is known to be a perfect ingredient for those celebratory moments in life.

Chivas Regal 18 Years

This one is complex, rich and luxurious. It is recommended for the ones who like their drinks fancy and intense. With 85 unique flavours combined in one, this whisky is a heart-winner. This title holder whisky develops its flavours only in the finest casks, and the result is a delectable scotch. Gift this to your experienced, whisky-lover friends and let them count the many flavours in each dram.

Chivas Regal Ultis

If your budget allows and you would like to indulge your friend, then Ultis is the best of all blended malt whisky to present. This variant holds the position of the first blended malt whisky from the house of Chivas Regal. It is made with five magnificent single malt whiskies from Speyside that reflect the notes of rich citrus, creamy toffee and thick honey. So all your luxury-loving, whisky-drinker friends are suitable candidates for receiving this exquisite bottle of rich and full-bodied flavoured blended scotch.

Chivas Regal 25 Years

Your truly deserving friends who are your soulmates are worthy of this highly premium and exclusive blended scotch from Chivas Regal. This legendary blend is one of the world’s first luxury whisky. In each dram, the fruity aromas of sweet orange and peach are followed by notes of marzipan and nuts. For all the ones who have a taste for classic collections, this one will serve the best. The reason is not just the 25 years of maturation but the fact that this century-old blend has pulled through two world wars. It is an original & classic dram of blended scotch for an original & classic whisky-lover. Do you think there would be a better gift than this?

Chivas Regal has been a name that has won hearts worldwide. When it comes to gifting or selecting a bottle for oneself, this brand is undoubtedly the best option to pick. So do not wait and wonder. Buy the best suiting Chivas gift and impress your friends and relatives with your impeccable taste of whisky!