Celebrating World Whisky Day in a lockdown

World Whisky Day

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to celebrate World Whisky Day at home for the second year running. Due to different lockdown restrictions globally, the “World Whisky Weekender” event is also going virtual once again. Blair and his team are hosting the event over the weekend, making it an extended celebration of all things whisky. You, too, can join in through the official website or choose to celebrate World Whisky Day your way.

In today’s post, we share ways you can celebrate World Whisky Day 2021 at home during the lockdown.

Get a whisky tasting set

Such sets are readily available online and through Duty-Free Shops, allowing whisky lovers to try new drams. Apart from picking up signature liquor sets from abroad, you can also pick up Indian whisky tasting sets online. Some Indian whiskies you must try include award-winning drams like Amrut Indian Single Malt, Amrut Fusion, Paul John Classic Select Cask, Paul John Oloroso Cask Select and Rampur Double Cask.

Try a new rare whisky

Rare whiskies offer you a chance to glimpse the pinnacle of complexity, flavor and aromatic goodness the drink can offer. From Chivas Regal, the originator of luxury whiskies, to The Glenlivet, the original licensed producer of single malt in the Highlands, every major brand offers rare expressions. But these blends, such as The Glenlivet Archive 21-Year-Old or a Chivas Regal 25-Year-Old, may need some trying to pick up.

Experiment with cocktails

World Whisky Day is all about having fun with whisky. So, do not shy away from trying new cocktails along with classic old mixes. You can pick up many unique cocktail recipes on the web. If you are looking for something different, look up some Desi Cocktail recipes online. Although, make sure you stock the ingredients beforehand, depending on when the lockdown restrictions are eased in your location.

Organize an online gathering

The virtual space is exploding with ideas for having fun with family and friends. With the coronavirus lockdowns in place across the country, you can explore ways to host a virtual celebration of World Whisky Day. There are many things you can try, including a virtual cocktail hour, party games like charades or Heads Up and of course, some whisky talk to boot. Check out some interesting facts about whisky and its long history to impress your peers with your savoir-faire.

Raise a toast to your favorite dram

Nothing concludes a celebration like a pouring of your favorite whisky. Once you have tried different expressions, played all the party games and experimented with new cocktails, raise a toast to your favorite dram to bring the drinking spree to a close. It can be a classic single malt, a fine blended scotch whisky, a smooth bourbon or a spicy Tennessee, but make sure it’s drunk responsibly.

Another thing to remember is social distancing and personal care. The pandemic is not over yet, so follow all the safety guidelines while you celebrate World Whisky Day 2021.