Celebrate the 90th Year of Oscars

At the 89th Academy Awards last year, a duo of presenters went up on stage, only to announce the wrong winner for Best Picture. What followed is what follows every mix-up at an award ceremony-- the fiasco provided ample fodder for all those wanting to rake up a controversy.

It so happened that the golden statute was erroneously handed to the team behind La La Land, who went on to pass it to the Moonlight troupe. Host Jimmy Kimmel then came to the Oscar committee’s rescue; he tried to save face by humorously blaming Steve Harvey for the mix-up. Earlier at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Harvey too had misread the winner’s name.

Be it the top contenders in a particular category, red carpet attires, after party revelations, or acceptance speeches for that matter, the Oscars, create a buzz, difficult to match up to. As soon as the lights dim on one awards season, it starts shining on the next. The end of media discussions of a preceding Oscar, more often than not, collides with an early coverage of the subsequent award ceremony.

The Oscars being a landmark event for the American film industry, quite obviously functions a lot like showbiz in Hollywood does. It is the after-parties, the cocktail dresses and backstage events which make for the icing on the cake. All nominations, stage performances, predictions by film pundits, fashion hits and misses, faux pas ultimately lead to backstage socializing and after-parties. Interestingly, it is whiskey that takes center stage in most of these events. Oscars clutched tightly, the who’s who of the American film industry are seen heading to the afterparty every year from Dolby Theatre when the Academy Award concludes.

In all likelihood, a lot of conversations in cafes worldwide over the next few months will be about predicting potential nominations and the winners; the Toronto and Venice film festivals giveaway some dependable bets. But the finer tête-à-têtes will revolve around the refreshments being served, the canapés laid out backstage, and so on.

The 89th Academy Awards saw Rebecca Creek Whiskey and Enchanted Rock Vodka being served to refresh Oscar nominees, presenters and guests backstage. Rebecca Creek is a San Antonio-based distillery. It is also the largest craft distillery in the continent. However, that’s all about last year. 2018 marks the 90th year of the Oscars.

The 90th Academy Awards has been scheduled on the 4th of March and a good scotch makes for a year-round favorite indulgence-- the onset of spring is no exception to that. As much as springtime signifies floral rejuvenation, there’s also an element of a refreshed human soul associated with the same. You could totally make a celebration on the day of the 90th Oscars. Have your friends over for a relaxed afternoon on the porch while you prep for a whiskey sour, a bourbon chocolate milkshake, or a julep to go with your chatter. A Jameson is quite an appropriate choice for your whiskey-based cocktail, while an Absolut should go well if you plan on a vodka-based one. There’s so much catching up to do on that foreign language nominated film you haven’t seen, an independent film that’s turned out to be a surprise entry, or a particular animated film that stood out from its contemporaries. Once the Oscars begin in the evening, there’s a whole lot that you could do which involves whiskey. You could cook up whiskey-infused main courses, create interesting aperitifs, or bake a quick bite-sized dessert with a strong whiskey base.

Interestingly, Dicaprio, as part of his on-screen characters, raised a toast in most of his movies, be it The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, or Django Unchained. Ironically, the Academy Awards committee finally raised a toast in his name for a film where he was not seen doing this weirdly specific gimmick. On receiving the award on stage, he made history when he, as a socially responsible world citizen, chose to speak about global warming and climate change as part of his acceptance speech. Red carpet fashion and wardrobe malfunction related coverage of the Oscars seem trivial when an actor, at the height of his career, chooses to highlight social responsibility above individual achievement. This is truly where the Oscars have managed to make a mark, one that is inspirational for all. And this, calls for nothing short of a celebration! Undoubtedly, there’s no better way to celebrate the Oscars than by raising a toast with a good old blended Scotch whisky on the rocks or a Swedish vodka with fresh lime cordial.