People often claim that mixing types of alcohol will make you sick and hungover. One old saying goes as far as to claim, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker.” In today’s post, we find out the facts behind the claim and the truth.

The ‘beer before liquor’ theory

It’s not entirely clear how the claim started, but some experts suspect its roots lie in how certain alcoholic drinks are digested. For example, carbonated beverages like beer and sparkling wines tend to irritate the stomach’s lining, increasing the rate of alcohol absorption. So, in theory, when you start with beer and pick up wine or whisky, later on, it may lead to quicker intoxication.

What do experts say?

Several gastroenterologists say that, in reality, mixing liquors has little effect. What matters most is the amount of alcohol intake and whether it’s combined with any food. Having sides and snacks with your drinks helps slow down the absorption of alcohol and minimizes sickness and hangovers.

Some experts also have another explanation for the ‘beer before liquor’ claim. Most people do not drink a lot of beer after having liquor, so the fault may lie within the pattern. People end up believing that it’s the liquor that made them sick, but simply mixing the two has nothing to do with it.

Mixing other types of liquor

What about mixing whisky with other hard liquor forms such as vodka, rum, or wines? Well, all types of liquor have ethyl alcohol as an active ingredient which is the same, so the sequence of your drinks makes no difference at all.

However, the distillation process of different liquors may leave certain impurities in the spirit, such as methyl alcohol, fusel oils, etc. These impurities can make you sick if the contaminants you imbibe in one session exceed a specific limit. But again, by having proper food accompaniments and ample water with your drinks, you can improve the chances of avoiding a bad hangover.

In conclusion

There is little truth behind the theory that mixing drinks will make you sick. All that matters is the amount of liquor, contaminants, salts, and water you ingest. Also, know that too much alcohol of any kind can make you feel sick. With that in mind, we hope you have fun drinking. Cheers!

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