Caledonian Sleeper Helps Travelers Celebrate the Whisky Month

Guests travelling on board the Caledonian Sleeper, a reputed rail service that connects London to Scortland, celebrated the Whisky Month on the 16th of May. The celebration kicked off with an education session on whiskies conducted by The Whisky Shop. Experts associated with the popular drinks retailer were at the rail service’s Edinburgh and Inverness Lounge cars assisting travelers, guiding them on how to taste Scotch whiskies.

Travelers were given the opportunity to taste three malts from the reputed Glenkeir Treasures Range, and were also presented with goodie bag from the Caledonian Sleeper and The Whisky Shop. It contained a whisky miniature with tasting notes, along with the latest issue of Whiskeria – the retailer’s proprietary magazine.

Scott Dunn, manager at The Whisky Shop, stated that he and his team enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the travelers. He also hopes that the guests continue their whisky tasting adventures once they return home.

The Scots dedicate the entire month of May to celebrating the generations old heritage of distilling the ‘water of life’. Revelries generally begin with either pouring a dram, visiting a distillery, or attending any of the whisky-themed festival or event.

Ryan Flaherty, Guest Experience Director of Caledonian Sleeper said, “What better way to celebrate Whisky Month than with a tasting of some of the finest drams on board one of Scotland’s iconic rail services.”

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Friday, June 9, 2017