Whiskey Magazine has revealed that its pick for 2017 Icons of Whisky America Visitor Attraction of the Year is Buffalo Trace Distillery, located at Frankfurt, Kentucky. The award was handed to the distillery at the Whisky Magazine Awards America presentation that was recently held in New York City. In addition, Matt Higgins, Visitor Center Manager at the distillery, has been awarded the Visitor Attraction Manager of the Year.

Marketing Services Director at Buffalo Trace Distillery, Meredith Moody, stated, “We hold a strong commitment to providing an exceptional visitor experience for our guests and work very hard to continually expand our abilities to support the growing number of people we welcome. We are thrilled and beyond honored to be named Visitor Attraction of the Year."

The distillery has doubled its workforce and capacity for supporting the growing visitations. It is reported that there were a total of 170,587 visitors in 2016, which is a 17% increase over 2015’s count.

Buffalo Trace Distillery presently offers a total of five tours. The unique tours and tastings are all complimentary for the visitors. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing number of guests and the preservation of its tradition, the distillery will be incorporating the recent discovery of the foundation of the O.F.C. Distillery in a separate tour in the future.

The distillery has plans to compete for the title at a global level. The Icons of Whisky awards will be held later this month in London during the Whisky Magazine Awards Dinner.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, April 18, 2017