Best Budget Whiskies To Gift For Whisky Lovers

Birthdays or anniversaries, career milestones or maybe just a Christmas present, gifting a bottle of whisky doesn’t necessarily require a perfect occasion, but what it does need is a decent bottle of whisky!

Among the many joys of being friends with a whisky lover such as yourself is the good fortune at being able to pick a bottle of the best whisky to gift that they could probably share with you or not. Regardless, gifting a whisky is not as easy as it sounds, and the job can be even more daunting if you’re on a budget.

Although difficult does not necessarily mean impossible, we’re here to help! You don’t need to break the bank to gift a bottle of whisky, and you don’t even need to be an expert because we reiterate, we are here to help. Without further ado, let us check out the list of the best whiskies to gift when you are on a budget!

Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky

A timeless classic! Unwrapping a gift to discover a bottle of Ballantine’s Finest will never inspire anything other than a broad smile and an immediate call for a toast.

Ballantines Finest

Gifting a bottle of whisky is tricky terrain for sure, but with a bottle of Ballantine’s Finest, you can trust your gift to stand out among the rest and is one of the best gifts for whisky lovers. A smooth, creamy and incredibly flavourful blended Scotch, this is a beloved whisky in India.

The Ballantine’s Finest is built on a recipe that had remained unchanged since 1910 when it was first created; packed with sweet, tempting flavours of vanilla, ripe pears and gentle spice, this crisp Scotch whisky makes for a desirable self-gift too!

A bottle of Ballantine’s Finest is the perfect and best whisky to gift if your budget is under 2000 INR.

100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch whisky

This is a champion among blended Scotch whisky that has won over the hearts of Indian whisky drinkers and is one of the best gifts for whisky lovers. 100 Pipers became the first-ever Scotch whisky brand to exceed sales of over 1M cases in India, a testimony for how just good this whisky is!

100 Pipers Deluxe

Fruity, light and with a touch of smoke, it is a delightful combination of flavours derived from a blend structured around the fantastic Allt a’Bhainne single malt from the Speyside region.

100 Pipers is an elite blended Scotch, and considering the Allt a’Bhainne single malt is also a key component of the marvellous Chivas Regal blend, it is in a highly prestigious company.

A bottle of 100 Pipers Deluxe blended Scotch whisky qualifies as the best whisky to gift since 100 Pipers Scotch price is under 2000 INR.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

It is simply good fortune for us all that the world’s most popular Irish whiskey is available in India at such an excellent price. Few whiskeys are as adaptable as Jameson whiskey, and every drop of this triple-distilled goodness is truly sublime. If this doesn’t make it the best whisky to gift, then what will?

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson can top the list of gifts for whisky lovers who like to twist their whisky. Whether served on the rocks with a lemon twist or drowned into ginger ale, mixed into your favourite cocktail or simply poured into a shot glass, Jameson Irish Whiskey is made for it all.

The standard Jameson is a blend of pot still whiskey and grain whiskey, producing a delightfully light character that balances its spicy, sweet and floral flavours unlike any other.

A bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey is the perfect gifting option if your budget is less than 2500 INR.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Indian Whisky

Helping redefine quality, the introduction of Blenders Pride Reserve Collection signalled the entry of one of the finest and most premium Indian made whiskies in the market.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

Building upon the remarkable impact that Blenders Pride Rare Premium created, the Reserve Collection took things further than any Indian whisky maker had. A blend of imported malt whisky from the Chivas Brothers, and the finest grain whiskies distilled in India, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is further matured in hand-picked oak barrels using the traditional Spanish Solera process.

Smooth as can be, with notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and honey sweetness, it is a supremely pleasant drink synonymous with luxury, packaged into an intricately embossed glass bottle.

A bottle of Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is the perfect gift for whisky lovers if your budget is less than 1500 INR.

Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

The world’s bestselling American Bourbon Whiskey has earned the title for a reason and regularly features on bar counters across the world. Not only is the brand affordable, but it is also one of the best no-nonsense drams preferred by seasoned whiskey lovers in any country.

Jim Beam Bourbon

For Bourbon lovers, pouring a few fingers of Jim Beam is the quintessential act of decompression after a tough day. For a friend or loved one that you intend to usher into the world of Bourbon, Jim Beam White is a drink you can never go wrong with.

Complete with the spicy bite of Rye, the sweetness of Corn, caramelized aromas and flavours derived from charred oak barrels, and the smoothness imparted by Barley, Jim Beam is the first thought in the minds of many when they hear ‘Bourbon’.

A bottle of Jim Beam White will cost you less than 2000 INR.

Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch Whisky

Once the most popular blended Scotch whisky in India, Teacher’s Highland Cream is still a particular favourite among the veterans as a robust everyday drink. It is the right quality that does not suffer any hazards for its surprisingly economical pricing.

Teacher’s Highland Cream

Structured around the heavily peated blueprint whisky from Ardmore, Teacher’s Highland Cream is a bottle that just doesn’t hurt to have to lie around the house. For lovers of peaty whisky, this is a phenomenal go-to blend.

Teacher’s Highland Cream is remarkably smooth, owing to a higher amount of grain whiskies in the blend. Its sweet, cereal maltiness and hints of caramel toffee, and a pleasant, warming finish are very appealing.

If your pocket is really light at the end of the month and you still want to bring a smile to your whisky lover friend’s face on his birthday, go for a bottle of Teacher’s Highland Cream as it will be the best whisky to gift without shelling out too much from your budget.

Above listed are some well-researched and trustworthy brands to pick from as a memorable gift for whisky lovers. So what are you waiting for? Make up your mind, and cheers!