Budget To Premium Whiskies For Holi Party

Throwing a Holi party can never be an easy task, but then the most exciting time of the year deserves a whole lot of effort for a whole lot of fun! This Holi, if you are planning to make the most vibrant and colourful festival in the world even better, a private Holi party is the way to go.

Imagine a party with all your best friends, family and loves ones having the time of their lives. Soaking in all the fun and revelry, dousing all and sundry in the brightest colours and dancing to the grooviest music are the most important aspects of a Holi celebration. Some people say Holi would still be incomplete without the most delicious food and snacks to gorge on, and enjoying the refreshing thandai and the heavenly bhaang. Holi would never be complete without the things that give the festival its mesmerizing charm and energy, but can it be made better? Sure it can!

Holi Colours

Whisky can make even the most perfect thing better, and we can tell you why. The warming comfort of whisky, the endless potential of delicious whisky cocktails and whisky punchbowl drinks along with the endlessly Indian appetite for whisky are all the reasons you need to mix some whisky into your Holi festivities this year.

Did you know India is the world’s highest whisky consuming nation in the world? It is true; Indians consumed more than 1.5billion litres of whisky, and that is three times the amount of whisky consumed by America, the second most whisky consuming nation in the world.

Now seeing as the love for whisky is as inherently Indian as it can get, here’s how we can make life easier for you by simplifying your Holi shopping list. Depending on how huge your Holi party will be, and how massive your budget is, we can help you pick the best possible options for every guest and every desire. Whether its shots, or cocktails, we have you covered so without any further ado, let’s plan the most epic party of the year.

Holi Food

If you are planning on throwing a truly gargantuan Holi bash with everyone you can invite, or simply want to work with a modest budget, our list of the best budget whiskies that can help you save a fortune and serve only the best for your guests. You can whip up incredible cocktails, community whisky punchbowls and so much more to make Holi even more colourful and enjoyable.

Imperial Blue

When you think about the best budget whisky for a Holi celebration, Imperial Blue should always be the first name on your list. This is a quality blended grain whisky produced wholly in India. Imperial Blue is best known for its smoothness and amazing ability to blend with mixers such as soda, cola and even lemonade.

Imperial Blue

Community punchbowl cocktail recipes for your Holi celebrations will be the best part of the party, and will have your guests anxiously waiting for next year’s invites! Whether you wish to include as many options as you can, or simply want to throw a crazy budget Holi bash with the same level of madness as a Bollywood movie, Imperial Blue is the right choice of whisky for you.

Royal Stag

The obvious next choice on our list of budget whiskies for the most epic Holi celebration is Royal Stag, one of the top Indian whiskies in the market today. Imported Scotch malts and the best Indian grain whisky are blended to create this extraordinary drink.

Royal Stag

Royal Stag is so good, it has consistently finished as one of the top 10 highest selling brands of the world! That achievement is impossible without the best quality and taste, which Royal Stag is known for all over India. Every splash of colour and those electrifying dance numbers will only get better with Royal Stag this Holi.

McDowell’s Signature

A slightly less popular Indian blended whisky, Signature is a good choice of whisky to add some variety when you are shopping for your Holi party. What McDowell’s Signature lacks in flavour, it makes up for in smoothness and can be an incredibly decent addition to a party bar.

McDowell’s Signature

Although the brand belongs to the deluxe segment, the stylish packaging and octagonal bottle are visually appealing. A lot of Indian whisky lovers prefer to drink Signature since it very affordable and easily available. It can be a wonderful base spirit for whisky cocktails and other mixed drinks at your Holi bash.

8PM whisky

This whisky is very popular in the rural and semi-urban areas in India. 8PM whisky became the first Indian whisky brand to sell 1million cases in the first year of its launch, which only goes to show how successful the brand is.

8PM Whisky

Whether you choose to have a fully-stocked bar with all the options, or prefer a good whisky at a reasonable price for your Holi celebrations, 8PM whisky would make a great choice. Recipes for delicious cocktails and punchbowl recipes such as Indian Whisky Lemonade or a large bowl of Apple Whisky Punch!

Peter Scot Malt whisky

Our last pick for the best budget whiskies to have at your Holi party is Peter Scot whisky, and although the name may sound like it’s a premium whisky, worry not. Peter Scot is very much an Indian blended whisky.

Peter Scot Whisky

Like most Indian blended whiskies that are priced fairly reasonably, Peter Scot makes for an excellent addition to whisky cocktails and punchbowl drinks. Drinks for a Holi party must be festive and require some amount of colour and delicious flavours. That is something Peter Scot can do well, and thus it takes the final spot in our list.

Moving on from our list of the top five budget whiskies for the most epic Holi celebration, we are now bringing our list of the best premium whiskies available in India! When you are out Holi shopping, these are the most appropriate whiskies to buy for your special guests.

Holi Festival

Premium whiskies in India are extremely popular, and they represent the upward mobility of the most avid whisky drinker. As one progresses in life, so does their yearning for a premium drink. Let us begin with the first brand on our list of the best premium whiskies to buy for your Holi party.

Blenders Pride Deluxe whisky

Once the most premium whisky made in India, Blenders Pride is the epitome of excellence in blending imported Scotch malts and only the finest Indian grain whiskies. Did you know that malt whiskies for the Blenders Pride blend are imported from none other than the Chivas Brothers?

Blenders Pride Whisky

A lot of people say that once you become a Blenders Pride loyalist, you never really forget the smooth and flavourful drink forever! Enjoy Blenders Pride with your friends and family this Holi and create memories that will last forever.

100 Pipers Blended Scotch

It is impossible to speak of the top premium whiskies in India without mentioning 100 Pipers, the recording breaking Scotch whisky brand. Full of impressive fruity, vanilla and smoky flavours and an impeccable smoothness, the 100 Pipers brand became the first Scotch brand to sell more than 1million cases in India.

100 Pipers Scotch Whisky

For the most special guests at your Holi party, 100 Pipers blended Scotch is the most fitting special drink you can buy. This Scotch is so good, it is possible to complete your entire Holi shopping list with this brand, and this brand alone. 100 Pipers blended Scotch whisky is one of our strongest recommendations this Holi. Being a premium brand 100 Pipers Scotch price in not that expensive.

Jim Beam White Label Bourbon

The three qualities that ensure the popularity of any whiskey are reasonable pricing, good taste and perennial availability, and Jim Beam White Label Bourbon has all three covered. It is by no accident that Jim Beam holds the title of the world’s bestselling Bourbon whiskey, but by a combination of all three qualities we mentioned earlier.

Jim Beam Bourbon

For the most epic Holi bash, one needs to have a lot of options stocked at the bar cabinet, and with Jim Beam, that is exactly what you have. This whisky is smoky, smooth and best of all, works wonderfully as a Highball drink, which is very popular in India. Jim Beam is a solid American Bourbon, and if you have any cousins from abroad, they will surely appreciate a reminder of America at its finest.

Teacher’s Highland Cream

What was once the bestselling Scotch whisky in India, before having to cede the crown to 100 Pipers, Teacher’s Highland Cream still isn’t a bad proposition for premium whiskies. The Teacher’s blend is very well-suited for the Indian whisky lover’s palate – not too aromatic, easy-going flavours and gentle smoke, all in harmony.

Teacher’s Highland Cream

Some people argue that the blend is not what it once was, yet for the sake of nostalgia, Teachers Highland Cream is a suitable option for your Holi celebrations. It is a reasonably priced drink, and should be a great choice for a gathering of close friends and family.

Black & White blended Scotch

Another lesser known, yet very solid performer in the premium category is Black & White blended Scotch. It is popular among a small, yet extremely loyal group of whisky lovers that swear by its smoothness and light, citrusy flavour.

Black & White Whisky

The Black & White blend has a higher proportion of grain whisky, and not much malt whisky which gives it a lot of flavour. This is the reason behind its incredible smoothness, which comes at the sacrifice of flavours and aromas. Nevertheless, this is a beloved brand among a lot of Indian whisky enthusiasts, especially the older generation. At your Holi party, the uncles and aunties will definitely love the sight of a bottle of Black & White!

Now that we have been over our recommendations for the best Indian premium whiskies to have at a Holi party, it is time to discuss the only the most exclusive and special drinks. For guests that warrant only the best examples of the famous Indian hospitality, The Whiskypedia brings you our list recommendations for super-premium, luxury whisky brands available in India.

Holi Festival

These are the types of whisky you only bring out for the special people in your lives. Celebrate Holi, and cherish every moment of joy and excitement with a whisky that has been carefully crafted to deliver an experience that is quite simply, irreplaceable, like your loved ones.

Ballantine’s Finest

Our first choice of the most special, super-premium whiskies is this award winning classic blended Scotch from the house of Ballantine’s. It is not only one of the highest selling Scotch whiskies worldwide, but also back home in India.

Ballantine’s Finest

This is the kind of whisky you will find at the home of every serious whisky lover, because they know excellence when they taste it. This Holi, the comforting warmth, sweetness and creamy texture of the Ballantine’s Finest will be the perfect accompaniment for a family day. Raise a glass of Ballantine’s Scotch whisky, sing, dance, make merry and of course, memories.

Jameson Irish whiskey

Nothing really has gotten the better of Jameson for over two centuries, and the world’s most bestselling Irish whiskey has the quality to prove their superiority. Perhaps the smoothest whisky you will ever taste, this triple-distilled Irish goodness is so good, you will find a bottle in every single bar you ever visit.

Jameson Whisky

Why? Because quite frankly, it’s Jameson and the name means something to every whisky enthusiast of the world. This Holi, no matter the way you prefer to take your drink – on the rocks or as a shot; with a chaser, or simply mixed into a scrumptious cocktail – Jameson is the best at everything. In fact, if any whisky takes the title of being the Jack of all trades, it is Jameson Irish whiskey and no one else.

Chivas Regal XV

Our next whisky on the list of strongly recommended super-premium whisky options for your Holi shopping is the newest release from Chivas Regal in India. It is one of the most important markets for the world’s favourite blended Scotch whisky brand, and their decision to release one of their best proves it.

Chivas Regal XV Whisky

The Chivas Regal XV is a deliciously fruity and spicy blend of the best malt and grain whiskies from Scotland. The core single malt for Chivas is distilled at the Strathisla, the oldest whisky in the Speyside region. Not to mention the magnificent smoothness delivered by 15 years of maturation, and the signature long finish that Chivas is known for. We would like to warn you – only serve the Chivas Regal XV to a guest you love having over, because once they taste this Scotch, they will keep coming back!

Johnnie Walker Double Black

Another particular favourite in India, the super smoky and peaty Double Black is a very famous Johnnie Walker blend. Matured in heavily charred oak barrels, and blended with peaty whiskies from the Islay, the Double Black is a fresh experience for every beginner in the world of whisky.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky

What the Johnnie Walker Double Black lacks in flavour, it makes up for with its unique character. For your Holi plans, this is one whisky you should definitely try if you have never tried it before. It can also make for some delicious whisky cocktails with an intense smoky character.

Dewar’s 12 Year Old

Our last pick for super-premium whiskies to stock up for your Holi party is the Dewar’s 12 Year Old. One of the classics in the blended Scotch whisky category, this sweet, fruity blend has been deeply appreciated by many whisky lovers worldwide.

Dewar’s 12 Year Old

Your Holi party guests that love to sip on their whisky slowly, and staying out of the festivities would absolutely treasure this bottle. For the ones buzzing with energy, and forming the heart of the party, whiskeys like Jameson and Ballantine’s might be the perfect fit, but for the weathered veterans, a couple of ice cubes and a few fingers of Dewar’s 12 Year Old is all it takes.

That concludes our list of the best super-premium whiskies to buy to make your Holi bash more special and equally more luxurious. With this, our comprehensive list of recommendations across every segment – budget, premium and super-premium – also comes to an end.

To get the most out of the event you have been looking forward to for months, make sure you stock up on lots of delicious Indian snacks and food items such as pakoras, dahi papdi chaat, pani puri and kachoris. Spicy and lip-smacking food is the perfect accompaniment to the excitement and revelry that Holi brings to all our lives.