That Boutique-y Whisky Company

A lot of us have grown up reading comics. It is easier to make an impression if you represent something graphically, especially to children. Indeed, almost all nursery rhymes are accompanied by colourful sketches, as are several other short stories and novels. Come to think of it, not just the content but also the book covers are designed to attract (which is the purpose of all book covers really), but when it comes to adult fiction or nonfiction, we often tend to overlook brilliant books simply because the covers haven’t stood out in the multitude of books in any brick and mortar store. But now think of a comic book, or a graphic novel. It is ageless, isn’t it? While you will certainly not think of giving your niece a copy of The Watchmen or Palestine, you are most likely to stop at the comic book section and pick up say a Calvin and Hobbes or a Deadpool for either your niece or simply yourself. Point is, the fondness toward comics possibly comes from memories that are etched into our psyche. This is the kind of impact that graphical representations have on us.

So what has that got to do with That Boutique-y Whisky Company? Before you begin thinking that they are whisky makers, let’s get on the same page. They are independent whisky bottlers based in UK, bottling only limited edition small batch whiskies. But then you are probably still confused about what makes them different from other bottlers. Only from That Boutique Company can you buy bottles which are packaged with fun facts, information about the whisky, and other trivia written on them in a very comic book fashion. This makes the bottles appear very quirky and exclusive. Now if you are a pop art junkie, all you need to do is to take a look at those kitschy bottles and you know you just have to own them.

But let me put things into perspective again. They bottle Aberlour, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Lagavulin, Macallan among other very renowned and sought after brands, so they don’t come light on the pocket. But that’s alright. Say for instance, you are a Shakespeare fan, and you have always been obsessed with Macbeth. Then you come across a whisky distilled at The Macduff distillery. You feel delighted, but just finishing a bottle of their liquor is not enough. You want a collectible, so where do you find it? Simple-- at That Boutique-y Whisky Company. Their Macduff 11 Year Old bottle shows Macduff saying, “Right. One more Boilermaker, then I’ve got something I need to take care of.” It certainly cannot get better than that, and it’s safe to bet there’s a grin plastered on your face now!

What about the artist behind these delightful creations? Meet Emily Chappell. Her story is as fascinating as the ones that she sketches on the bottles. Without going into the details of who brothers Runcy, Declan, and Catawall were, let me tell you how the three brothers came across Emily in North Wales and realizing her potential, sent her to The Glasgow School of Art. Years later, Tom, Ben and Justin, three of Runcy, Declan and Catawall’s other protégées needed an illustrator in order to launch their independent creative whisky bottle range and Emily thought it was a good way to return the kindness.

The artwork on every bottle is shaped by her daily observation. No doubt they appear jaunty with very earthy tones and scratchy lines. Emily however, loves the time she spends researching on the labels and deciding what she wants to sketch. If there’s a folklore, an amazing fact about the distillery or enigmatic characters that sort of fit the scene.

But in case you are still not convinced, feel free to visit their website, look through their portfolio, and then place an order via any online vendor.