Bourbon Whiskeys That Are Nailing It Right Now

The American Bourbon whiskey industry is experiencing a boom in consumption and innovation at the same time. The newfound appetite for Bourbon among the American and as well as the global whiskey lover can be attributed to the emergence of new techniques and the willingness to constantly push the envelope. The spirit of innovation, pun intended, has allowed distillers and whiskey-makers to achieve the loyalties of the traditional purists, as well as the bold new school of mixology that has gained roots in America.

While the Jims, and Jacks may still enjoy the larger chunk of sales and revenue, yet the arrival of some spectacular new options which ensures. As distillers get more creative with their whiskey, Bourbon drinkers are having the time of their lives by being spoiled with choice.

Good Bourbon whiskey does not have to be clever, or complicated, and nor should the choice of picking one be. That is where we come in to help you pick out the best of the best, the Bourbon whiskey brands that are, for the lack of a better word, nailing it right now!

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Straight Bourbon Whiskey

At the top spot is Rabbit Hole Cavehill, and one could argue that the Cavehill is one of the most radically different, and refreshing Bourbon whiskeys created this decade. The newcomer among Bourbon brands that have existed for centuries, Rabbit Hole’s Cavehill is a triumph of founder Kaveh Zamanian’s endeavour to create a modern whiskey, grounded in tradition.

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rabbit Hole Cavehill has a mash bill predominantly built around Corn, with 10% of each Malted Barley, Honey Malted Barley and Malted Wheat thrown in. The result is a serial Gold medal winner and one of the highest rated Bourbon whiskey brands. Although there are other iterations available, it was Cavehill that ended up cementing Rabbit Hole’s place among some of the best Bourbon whiskey brands being sold today.

Unmistakably rich, sweet and exploding with flavours of honey, orange marmalade, pepper, smoke and ginger, this is a drink to enjoy for everyone. This is one of the few Bourbon brands that can turn even the staunchest Scotch, or Irish whiskey lover into a Bourbon believer.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The standard Buffalo Trace is a Bourbon lovers’ delight, and not simply because it’s affordable, but because it is simply that good. When they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” they did perhaps send a hint to the makers of Buffalo Trace, who can pride themselves on being one of the best Bourbon whiskey brands today.

Released in 1999, the whiskey is nearing the 20th anniversary of its creation when the legendary Elmer. T. Lee came out of retirement to do the honours. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged for roughly 8 years, and undergoes the process only in limited quantities of 40 barrels at a time. The barrels are stacked in the part of the distillery premises where temperature fluctuates frequently, allowing more interaction between the Oak and the spirit.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

As Jameson is the everyday dram for many Irish whiskey lovers, Buffalo Trace is for many Bourbonheads, due to its competitive pricing yet great quality. Warm winter spices, buttery toffee, soft smoke and wood are the enticing flavour notes that make Buffalo Trace worthy of inclusion among our list of the best Bourbon whiskey brands currently out there.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Even being well-known for their Bourbon already did not stop Woodford Reserve to up the ante and create something better. The product was Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, which as the name indicates, involves maturation in two different kind of barrels.

This process not only earns the Double Oaked its name, but also earns it a spot on our list of well-made Bourbon whiskeys that are redefining the industry. If Rabbit Hole Cavehill did their magic with a carefully devised mash bill, Woodford Reserve show their expertise at understanding barrel aging.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

After their round trip in heavily charred Oak barrels, they undergo a nine-month finishing in twice as heavily ‘toasted’ barrels, but with a significantly lighter char this time. The result is vanilla, caramelized Oak, smoke, spice and a gentle sweetness that one would expect from a pricey Bourbon brand as this one.

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon

Another one of the newcomers on the American Bourbon scene, Corner Creek has done really well to establish a strong reputation as a high-end whiskey. Two decades is not a short time, but considering the likes of Jim Beam and other mainstream brands have been around for centuries, Corner Creek’s birth in 1998 seems quite recent in memory.

Now about the whiskey itself; Corner Creek is a blend of whiskeys of various ages. Chiefly, a few four year old Bourbons meet some exceptional eight year old spirit to create the Corner Creek blend. The mash bill for the whiskeys that make up the blend is made up of Corn, Rye and Wheat, which helps produce a slightly unique flavour profile.

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

What you’re greeted with, right off the bat is the sweetness, with some subtle peachy caramel following suit. The uniquely shaped bottle, designed by William Nagle, stands out too. The bottle has a dimple at the bottle, just like a wine bottle you may have seen some time. The whiskey itself is a refreshing and one of a kind Bourbon whiskey although purists may feel a hint of disappointment. But is it one? Not at all.

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Basil Hayden’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey

From the house of Jim Beam, this small-batch Bourbon can have its origins traced way back to the 1790s. The whiskey is based on the blueprints of Master Distiller Basil Hayden, who changed the game by incorporating Rye into his mash bill.

Basil Hayden is not just one of the best Bourbon whiskey brands in the country today, but is also one of the crown jewels in Jim Beam’s crown. Created as a tribute to Basil Hayden, the makers have stuck with the high Rye content, and claim to have developed a mash similar to the man himself. When the Basil Hayden’s brand was introduced in 1992, it carried an age statement of ‘8 years’, but has since been removed to carry none.

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

It may be a stretch to call Basil Hayden’s one of the best Bourbon whiskey brands ever, but it is definitely one of the most excellent iterations available in the present. Basil Hayden’s carries flavour notes of some very nice cinnamon spice, and is warming with pleasant sweet caramel undertones. A different Bourbon then, a different Bourbon now.

Rabbit Hole Cavehill, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, Corner Creek Reserve and Basil Hayden’s are our top five picks for the best Bourbon brands that are nailing it right now.

Rabbit Hole Cavehill, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, Corner Creek Reserve and Basil Hayden’s are our top five picks for the best Bourbon brands that are nailing it right now.