Boozy Nibbles for Your Next Shindig

Our guess is, it’s been a while since you figured that you need no reason to party. On any day of the week, if a friend calls or pings you on an office chat asking if you are up for a shindig, you are very likely to say yes. Similarly, if at five in the evening on a muggy Thursday you feel you can’t wait for the weekend anymore, you know you can get in touch with your mates immediately. Unless you are planning on clubbing or bar hopping—which is great but a tad bit more effort, you could totally let your hair down at home.

For these unplanned house-parties, there is the liquor, of course, and fries, plenty of fries to fall back on. But then there are those parties for which we have put some effort into planning and organizing. We go over the plans over and over again, asking ourselves what the theme should be, if at all or what should go under the food and liquor menu. What irks us the most is probably not knowing what food to pair with our choice of liquor.

Whisky Spiked Caramel Corn

For those who want to watch a sport or be constantly on cricinfo, irrespective of what is going on in the party, here’s what will certainly make them happy. While we all love caramel popcorn, imagine just for a second what a tad bit of whisky can do to it. Imagine chewing on sticky caramel popcorn, but with the goodness of a thick, creamy Glenlivet.

The best part about the spiked caramel popcorn is its short preparatory time. Actually, it is effortless. And come to think of it, it doesn’t even leave the mouth dry.

Shrimp Bruschetta with Limoncello and Bourbon

For this one, you might have to invest a little more effort than you were hoping to, but it is worth it. In fact, once it is done, we are afraid you won’t be able to save much for your guest. But do. Because they should also know that spiked shrimp bruschetta is a league apart from the usual one. We recommend a good bourbon that marries well with the liqueur, say for instance Knob Creek or Smooth Ambler.

The bourbon with its enticing notes of rich spices and toasted nuts compliments the garlic, shallot, and pepper used in making the bruschetta. While the limoncello adds a slight tang to the preparation, it is the bourbon whiskey that gives a real smoky aroma to it.

Adult Twinkies and Jello Shots

Here’s why we this is the only pair in this list. Actually, while you could gorge on spiked twinkies and down as many drams of scotch you want, we think you should pair it with vodka jello shots instead for that unbelievable twist on the palate.

To begin with, twinkies are savory and assuming you are adding a generous amount of whisky to them, they are likely to accentuate the cream filling in each of them, a lot. Then there is the vodka jello shot which is sugary and refreshing on the palate. If you are unsure, think about how that contrast is going to hit you hard maybe?

Irish Cookies

These are popular, so you can blindly bake a few batches of Irish cookies and watch them get over in a matter of minutes. But because you are baking them and you are at a liberty to experiment, add three kinds of alcohol in it, instead of settling for just one. Jameson Irish Whiskey is a must, we aren’t kidding, then add Irish Cream. Wondering what the third liquor could be? Brownie points for guessing—Irish dry stout.

Together they form an unbeatable combination.

Drunken Melon Balls

There’s a reason why we have saved this for the last. With the onset of summer, most people choose refreshing party snacks over the greasy one. Say a fruit salad over chili beef. Or spiked melon balls over everything else, frankly. If we told you that making melon balls are as simple as scooping out melons into small balls, would you be convinced of its necessity at your shindig? Guess not.

However, if we told you that you are going to add plenty of vodka, triple sec, and a little tequila, what then? You can’t say no.

Make them and refrigerate them. Serve them when your party is halfway through and watch it take a turn.