Blenders Pride Whisky Vs Signature Whisky 

A glass of whisky is not only the ideal end to a tiring day, but is also the perfect beginning for a night to remember, and no matter the kind of day you are having, we must all agree that whisky ought to play a part in it.

Whether it’s a pleasant weekend get-together, or the need to decompress after a long day at work, picking the perfect whisky for company is a dilemma you surely do not need. No reason to worry since we’re here to help you out.

Seagram’s Blenders Pride and McDowell’s Signature are both excellent choices of whisky from the premium segment, so choosing between the two could certainly be a daunting task. Let us draw a comparison between the two to settle the Blenders Pride Vs Signature battle once and for all.

Blenders Pride Whisky – Indian Whisky

Seagram’s Blenders Pride Whisky

An iconic brand that has captured the loyalties of whisky lovers in India for over two decades, Blenders Pride is a landmark in the blended whisky category in India. An exquisite blend of imported Scotch malts with the most extraordinary Indian grain spirits, Blenders Pride was launched in 1995. The brand did astonishingly well in a relatively short period of time, and was selling over 1.2 million cases annually in 2006, commanding a significant market share in the premium whisky segment. The brand is owned by Pernod Ricard India. The price range of blenders Pride varies from place to place across India i.e Blenders Pride price in UP will vary from Blender Pride price in Telangana or city like Bangalore.

McDowell’s Signature Whisky

Introduced in the market in 1994 by Shaw Wallace & Co., Signature was earlier a super-premium category product but was lowered to the premium category in 2001. Popular for their uniquely shaped octagonal bottles, Signature whisky is a blended whisky with a higher proportion of local grain spirits. Launched a year before Blenders Pride, Signature crossed the 1 million cases mark in 2009, nearly 14 years after its initial introduction. The Signature brand is now owned by the Diageo Group.

Signature Whisky – Indian Whisky

Signature Premier Grain Whisky Price

Signature Grain whisky also known as McDowell’s Signature Whisky is a popular Indian whisky brand that is widely available in India. Signature whisky is a premium Indian whisky manufactured by United Spirit Ltd. which competes with Blenders Pride whisky. Being a premium Indian whisky brand Signature full bottle whisky price varies from city to city across India, i.e. The Price of Signature  Whisky varies from state to state across the country. Signature Whisky price in Mumbai will be different than the Signature Whisky price in Delhi or Price in Bangalore

Signature full bottle Whisky price in India ranges from Rs.1,600 to Rs.1,850. 

Choosing the Best

Blenders Pride whisky is a terrific blended whisky brands in India with an impressive fruity smoothness that is rarely found at a reasonable price. Signature too is a smooth blended whisky but suffers when it comes to possessing a tantalizing nose, a crucial factor for a serious whisky drinker.

Signature’s distinct leathery aroma that yields the use of molasses based spirits, mixed with the more appetizing aromas of smoke, and honey could be considered off putting for some drinkers.

Blenders Pride on the other hand boasts of a leafy aroma, with generous hints of woody fruitiness and a touch of peat, which is an impressive combination of flavors and makes it a truly appealing nose.

Signature whisky is a blend of imported Scotch malts with Indian grain spirits and other neutral spirits, possibly molasses based, which are in a slightly higher proportion as disclosed by trying a few sips of the whisky. Traces of peat and grains follow in smaller quantities.

An impressive factor that sets Blenders Pride apart, is the employment of scotch malts from the house of Chivas Brothers, married with the most premium Indian grain spirits. This gives Blenders Pride a buttery, mellow and slightly sweet palate, a characteristic brought forth by the magnificent Strathisla scotch malts.

Both Signature and Blenders Pride are two of India’s most widely sold whiskies, and although Signature is a cheaper alternative, Blenders Pride is a far more superior Indian blend relying solely on Scottish malts and exquisite Indian grain whiskies for great taste.

No information regarding Signature’s annual sales is available currently, although both brands figures from 2012 are available and portray an overwhelming superiority for Blenders Pride.

In 2012, Blenders Pride was selling 4 million cases annually, whereas Signature was selling 1.8 million cases in the same period indicating a pattern of audience preference towards the former.

In our opinion, the clear winner of the Blenders Pride Vs Signature battle is Blenders Pride with a superior taste, and impeccable quality that is available at a truly reasonable price.