Best Whisky Brands for a March Towards Summers 2021

Best whisky brands for a March towards summers 2021

Even though whisky is an all-season drink, the brown spirit can be a little aggressive for hot weather. So, summers may demand a little change in your drinking style, associating better with cooler alcoholic beverages like beer. But if your love for whisky is unwavering, you can always mix an Old-Fashioned cocktail, a Mint Julep or a Toki Highball. However, today, instead of mixology, we are focusing on spirits to include in your boozy plan for the sweltering days ahead.

So, keep scrolling to know more about the seven best whiskies in India, for daily drinking during summers.

The Beginner’s Choice

In the first segment, we have whiskies priced under ₹500, or thereabout, since the price of whisky in India depends on local laws.

8 PM Whisky

8 PM whisky created history by selling over a million cases within a year of release. The whisky is blended using the finest grain malts and has a brilliantly smooth and sturdy taste. 8 PM whisky has a veritable fan base in India, among whisky drinkers who prefer a stronger drink that delivers a potent buzz.

McDowell's No. 1

A blend of native and Scotch malts, McDowell’s No.1 is another whisky popular among daily consumers. In recent years, the brand has refreshed its brand identity and packaging for a more upmarket standing. The whisky is smooth to taste and has a spicy short finish that agrees well with Indian snacks.

Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue whisky is blended using the finest Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. Ranking a step above both our picks in this category, Imperial Blue offers exquisite smoothness on the palate. Incidentally, the whisky has wideset brand recognition and following across the country due to consistency in quality and taste.

The Round Table Experience

In this segment, we have two whiskies priced under Rs 1,000. The slightly higher pricing is justified by the more rounded drinking experience you get.

All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky

All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky launched in 2017 has quickly gained a following in India. It’s a highly refined molasses-based whisky. The dry, delicate woody notes have slight hints of smokiness. Notably, the blend does not contain added flavors and leaves a discernible taste of honey and vanilla on the palate.

Royal Stag Barrel Select

Royal Stag is the original Indian whisky to launch without added flavoring. Royal Stag Barrel Select ups the ante with this fruity and woody expression. A blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts, Royal Stag Barrel Select is a medium sweet whisky with hints of oak and smokiness. It’s definitely the one to try for Royal Stag lovers.

Passing with Distinction

In the final segment, we have whiskies priced under Rs 1,500 , which passed our scrutiny with distinction. Once again, some Indian states might price these drams differently.

Vat 69 Whisky

The blended Scotch whisky has 40 distinct malt and grain whiskies, offering the notable sweet start and spicy finish. Vat 69 Whisky got its name from the cask (or vat) number 69 that was adjudged as the best of its very first batch. Smooth and simple on the palate, Vat 69 has distinctive flavors of ground almonds and barley malt. The finish is quite woody and spiced, with a hint of caramel.

100 Pipers Whisky

Concluding the post, we have our favorite whisky of the bunch, 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky. 100 Pipers is a well-known blended scotch with a brilliant vanilla aftertaste. The dram has a sweet aroma with chunks of peat and hits some woody notes. On the palate, 100 Pipers whisky is soft and creamy with a handful of dried fruits and some vanilla. The blend’s finish is warming and becomes spicier with time.

So, go ahead, take your pick as we march towards summers, and get busy mixing your favorite cocktails, or an occasional neat drink with plain old ice cubes. Cheers!

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