Top 10 Best Looking Whisky Bottles

Best Looking Whisky Bottles

Armed with a keen eye for the aesthetic, and a palette that graciously acknowledges the opulence of a fine whisky, people who enjoy collecting beautiful and antique whisky bottles are no different than art collectors themselves.

Whether it is an infatuation with antique whisky bottles, artistically designed and even small whisky bottles, owning a monumental whisky collection that could rival a museum is a dream for many.

If the love for antique liquor bottles and an awe-inspiring vintage whisky bottle collection is a dream you have held in your heart forever, here are some of the craftiest, graceful and aesthetic vessels that contain the spirit of the Gods.

1. Royal Salute 21 Years Old

Royal Crown Black

Created in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation back in 1953, Royal Salute 21 Years Old from Chivas Regal is an exceptional whisky, packaged in one of the most sought after antique whisky bottles. It was followed by more expressions of the Royal Salute to commemorate different milestones of the Queen’s reign such as the 50 Year Old, the 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny and the 62 Gun Salute.

2. The Glenlivet 70 Years Old

Royal Crown Black

This historic expression of ‘the single malt that started it all’ was bottled way back in 1940 in an elegant and aesthetically crafted tear drop canister. This rare and vintage whisky bottle carries within, a breathtaking golden amber Speyside scotch with a cask strength of 45.95%.

3. Jack Daniels Birthday Edition

Royal Crown Black

Commemorating the 160th birth anniversary of one of the most important and influential men who shaped the whiskey world, Jack Daniels Distillery introduced this classy variation of the iconic Jack Daniels bottle wrapped in black. A crisp and beautiful design accentuated further by the color, this is one of the simplest yet worthy inclusion in whisky bottle collectibles over the world.

4. Maker’s 46

Royal Crown Black

Already laying the claim to some of the most distinctly packed bottled of whiskey, Maker’s Mark introduced the Maker’s 46 in 2016, created using their wood stave finishing process in addition to adding virgin French oak staves. The whisky bottle itself is a refined design and improvement on the typical Maker’s Mark bottles with a shorter neck, stouter body and all round immaculate design.

5. Nikka Samurai – Gold and Gold

Royal Crown Black

This Japanese whisky from Nikka is contained within a small whisky bottle that is decorated with an intricately designed Samurai helmet and armor making it one of the most desirable collector’s items all over the world.

6. Inish Turk Beg – Maiden Voyage

Royal Crown Black

Named after the small, privately owned, eponymous island off the coast of Ireland, the Maiden Voyage is one of the few rare Irish whiskeys available around the world. Just 2888 uniquely shaped bottles resembling a mooring buoy, hand-blown and employing some part of the sand found on the island’s beaches, the Inish Turk Beg Maiden Voyage is one of the best looking whiskey bottles in the world.

7. Four Roses Single Barrel

Royal Crown Black

One of the most enduring Kentucky Bourbon brands in the United States, the Four Roses Single Barrel was a significant improvement on all its predecessors when it first came out. Owing to the fact that it comes from a single barrel, this straight Bourbon whiskey is bottled in a beautiful bottle embossed with the Four Roses logo and a cork, producing a truly sublime result, making it a wonderful addition to any whiskey collection.

8. Suntory Rolling Stones Anniversary

Royal Crown Black

Bearing the iconic Rolling Stones ‘tongue and lip’ logo, this rare and whimsical bottle of Japanese whisky from Suntory was released in honor of the rock and roll group completing 50 years in 2012. Priced at a steep rate, this magnificent whisky bottle contains a blend of whiskies from years significant for the band over their 50 year history.

9. Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece

Royal Crown Black

Created by the 7th generation master distiller Fred Noe, this superior and vintage expression of the historic Jim Beam bourbon is bottled in a beautifully regal canister. The bottles are packaged and sent to the buyers with a customized plaque, making them a truly cherish worthy addition to any whisky bottle collection.

10. Highland Park 50

Royal Crown Black

Filled from two casks filled way back in 1964, opened and blended in 2010 to create this excellent vintage blend of aged Scotch whisky that yielded only 274 rare and scarcely available expressions. The Highland Park 50 bottle is encased in an artistic expression of jewelry designer Maeve Gillies, containing a metal casing of sterling silver and is a delight to look at.