Best Imported Whiskies Under 10,000 in India

Whisky is one of the most consumed liquors in India. Neat, on the rocks, with water or in cocktails, we have no shortage of enjoying the amber liquid. With the Coronavirus pandemic raising its head again and curfews and lockdowns on the horizon, we cannot expect to visit our favorite bars anytime soon. However, that shouldn’t stop us from stocking up the home bar with our favorite whisky bottles.

Today, we are sharing some imported whiskies under 10,000 for liquor connoisseurs on the lookout for something impressive.

Balvenie 12-Year-Old, Double Wood

Matured for 12 years in traditional whisky casks and European oak sherry casks, Balvenie 12-Year-Old, Double Wood is the classic after-dinner malt. The traditional casks soften the spirit, adding a delicate character, while the sherry wood adds depth and fullness of flavor. The complex yet rich and smooth palate along with a warming finish, make the Balvenie a must-have for your liquor cabinet.

Price: 8,300 approx.

Talisker 10-Year-Old

Distilled by the sea in the Isle of Skye, the Talisker10-Year-Old is a unique single malt expression. Its deep golden coloring reminds you of lustrous apple juice. But don’t be deceived; every sip of the Talisker hits your tastebuds with a robust punch of flavors and aromas. The dram stays on your palate with surprisingly light warmth that lasts for a while.

Price: 7,250 approx.

Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold

Among the finest expressions from Jack Daniels, the dram is first matured in virgin American white oak casks before its finished in Maplewood barrels and twice filtered.  Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold tastes rich and caramel-y with a molasses-type of flavor. The burnished gold hue of the dram has an aroma of warm maple, toasted oak and honey. It’s best enjoyed on the rocks or neat if that’s your style.

Price: Rs 6,570.00

Chivas Regal XV

Showcasing notes of vanilla, sultanas, vanilla, marmalade and butterscotch with hints of spice, the Chivas Regal XV is a luxury blendedscotch whisky. The expression is matured in Grande Champagne Cognac casks for at least 15 years, which gives it a warm amber glow and the silkiest texture. Aromas of juicy oranges and peach hit your nose the moment it’s opened and the whisky is best enjoyed with water or ginger ale.

Price: Rs 6,000

Monkey Shoulder Whisky

For lovers of whisky cocktails, this expression from Scottish distiller William Grant & Sons is the ideal drink. Monkey Shoulder whisky is made from small batches of three single malts, resulting in a 100% malt whisky. The expression has notes of honeydew melon with hints of vanilla, citrus and spice. Moreover, the vibrant flavor and fruity aroma of Monkey Shoulder has a smoky edge, which is a source of attraction for many admirers.

Price: Rs 4,000

Well, that concludes our list. Now it’s time for you to take your pick and make the most of your evenings. Please note that the figures mentioned above give a general idea of the pricing. As Indian laws allow a difference in regional excise rates, the prices may vary based on your location. 

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