Berry Bros to Release Daftmill’s First Whisky

Renowned British wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has teamed up with Scottish Daftsmill Distillery ahead of their first release.


The distillery, located in Fife, Scotland, is set to release their first Single Malt Scotch in 2018. The owners Francis and Ian Cuthbert converted a mill on and old family farm into a distillery that is one of a few single-estate distilleries in Scotland. Traditional, charming and with a character of its own, this young, family-owned distillery is all set to put Scotch whisky on the map.


In this modern era of whisky production, a farming distillery is very hard to come by. Understanding the elements of distilling go a long way into producing a high-end whisky and the Cuthbert family has shown mastery over this process. Their expertise over the relationship between the grain and the final product is essential not just to the quality of the final product but also to how well it is finally received. All the barley required to make their whiskey is grown on their own farm and then aged in bourbon casks from Kentucky’s Heaven Hill. The family’s relaxed approach ensures an exclusive distillation cycle. Whiskies are distilled during the farm’s ‘off-season’ – two months in summer and two months in winter.


A distillery already seen to be one with character and style, Daftmill promises to stand out. Around 90% of the grain grown at Daftmill is sold to other distilleries across Scotland. Also, they only produce 100 casks of whisky a year and have planned a special inaugural release for late 2018. There are to be summer and winter seasonal releases of whisky aged 12 years and even some single cask releases. This will be a truly exciting time for Scotch whisky enthusiasts.


Whisky News source date: 
Wednesday, January 10, 2018