Baking With Whisky For Christmas

Except for the Grinch, Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for people all over the world. It is a festival strongly associated with family, warmth, and celebrations like no other, and the only thing more Christmassy than Christmas itself, is all the delicious goodies that come our way during this time of the year.

Baking is an immensely therapeutic activity, and getting to enjoy all the goodies you’ve baked is just the icing. Perhaps when one would think things cannot possibly get any better, baking with whisky comes to mind and if that does not bring a smile to your face, what will?

We present our top five most creative applications of baking with whisky with the most delicious holiday themed cakes and cookies. Get your apron out this Christmas for there’s a lot to do before you can enjoy the best of both worlds with your loved ones!

Chocolate Whisky Cake

Does it really get any better than the combination of chocolate and whisky to usher in the happy holidays? The Chocolate Whisky Cake is a classic recipe that is an instant favourite for everyone in the family.

Chocolate Whisky Cake

This is a phenomenal recipe for the Chocolate Whisky Cake that is rich, moist and incredibly flavourful. Although your choice of whiskey can differ as per your preferences, we would recommend the Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Irish whiskey, or the Redbreast 12 Year Old for their excellent flavours that will complement this recipe marvellously. Prepare yourself to bake one of the best ever Christmas Whisky cakes, and for the many, many compliments and recipe enquiries that shall come your way.

Check out the recipe for the Chocolate Whisky Cake here.

Whisky & Walnut Christmas Cake

An exceptional delight that brings together a fresh repertoire of flavours with a combination of walnuts and whiskey! Not to mention that this Whisky & Walnut Christmas cake has a few interesting ingredients you may not have expected.

Whisky & Walnut Cake

For ones that wish to step away from the more traditional and routine chocolate or plum cakes this Christmas, the Whisky & Walnut Christmas cake is an obvious choice. The walnut and whisky make up for an odd, yet scrumptious union. For this particular Christmas whisky cake, we would recommend a whisky with light, sweet and floral characteristics. A Speyside single malt Scotch such as The Glenlivet 12 Year Old, or a blend such as the Ballantine’s Finest are great choices for this recipe.

Check out the recipe for the Whisky & Walnut Christmas Cake here.

Hot Toddy Christmas Cookies

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? They are the most desirable companion on a chilly holiday morning with a cup of coffee, or even better, hot chocolate. These cookies take the fun a step further by bringing the classic winter whiskey cocktail, the Hot Toddy with cookies!

Hot Toddy Cookies

The recipe for these Hot Toddy Christmas cookies is quick, easy and above all else, absolutely delicious. To get the most out of this wonderful cookie recipe, we recommend using an Irish whiskey that works best with Hot Toddy cocktails such as the Jameson Irish whiskey. If you wish to opt for a Scotch, you could never go wrong with an excellent value-for-money blend like the Ballantine’s Finest, or the more expensive, Chivas Regal Extra.

Check out the recipe for the Hot Toddy Christmas cookies here.

Roasted Almond, Citrus and Whisky Cake

Good things come to those who bake, and this cake is proof. Not one for beginners and weekend bakers, this recipe requires some serious skill and patience in the kitchen. Is the result worth it? Let’s just say this one isn’t going to go into the refrigerator at all.

Roasted Almond, Citrus & Whisky Cake

Fruity, dense with a generous helping of Christmas spices and of course, the protagonist we must not forget, whisky! This recipe has a lot of fruity and nutty flavours, and to complement it, a rich Sherry influenced whisky would make it truly sublime. The Aberlour 12 Year Old single malt Scotch, or the Redbreast 12 Year Old single pot still Irish whiskey are our top recommendations.

Check out the recipe for this delicious Almond, Citrus and Whisky cake here.

Bourbon Dark Chocolate Cookies

Think indulgent, think decadent, think mouth-watering and this is exactly what you’ll be thinking of. These cookies are so rich and full of chocolatey goodness that the Bourbon just happens to be the cherry on top.

Bourbon Dark Chocolate Cookies

There is just something about a messy, cracked homemade cookie that beats anything store-bought and this right here, is definitely a contender for the former. Bourbon whiskeys are renowned for their gentle smoky sweetness and depth of flavours and aromas that just make everything about this Christmas cookie recipe better. The Whiskypedia recommends Rabbit Hole Cavehill, or Maker’s Mark to make the most delicious Bourbon Dark Chocolate Cookies. These Bourbon whiskeys have a noticeable sweetness to them, and complement the flavours of your Christmas baking endeavour perfectly.

Check out the recipe for the Bourbon Dark Chocolate cookies here.