The Art of Drinking Blenders Pride

Irrespective of the nature of the occasion, joyous or forlorn, a bottle of whisky provides the kind of gracious accompaniment that is rarely found, and when it’s Blenders Pride whisky, you’ve found the perfect companion.

It all began in the year 1995 when Seagram’s Blenders Pride whisky was first introduced in India. The brand has since gained an unprecedented prominence in the premium blended whisky segment on the basis of sheer quality alone.

Developed by blending the choicest quality of imported Scotch malts from Chivas Brothers and the finest Indian grain spirits, Seagram’s Blenders Pride brings the best of both worlds to make every moment of your lives monumental.

How to Drink Blenders Pride

Just about any occasion is the ideal occasion to enjoy the company of the delightful Seagram’s Blenders Pride whisky, one of the few whisky brands in India that can be enjoyed neat and offers a smooth mouth-feel and pleasant aftertaste.

The Blenders Pride bottle is available across seven different sizes making it the perfect choice whether it’s a get-together, a party or a night of solitude you have in mind. Here are many more perfect Seagram’s Blenders Pride occasions that call for a toast. You can also opt for Blenders Pride Reserve Collection for an enhanced experience.

Celebrating Your First Job

What better than one of India’s finest spirits to celebrate the first of many milestones of our independent lives by advancing your whisky preferences to the exclusive and indulging with Seagram’s Blenders Pride.

Occasions to Drink Blenders Pride

Moving on from the more economical end of the whisky brands segment and embracing the exquisite taste of Blenders Pride whisky is perhaps the most excellent choice you can make.

Blenders Birthday Bash

It is only obvious that the celebration of your special day deserves something equally special.

The absence of a Blenders Pride bottle would render your birthday party incomplete. Drink, dance, and make merry with friends and family to script stories that shall be remembered for many years to come.


Now a tiresome and long day at work does require an effective decompression strategy and nothing beats the superior unwinding skills of a Seagram’s Blenders Pride. Accompanied by two cubes of ice, and a few pieces of dark chocolate, this wonderful pairing is just enough to soothe those wracked nerves and allow you to let off some steam.

House Party

Hosting a house party can be as tedious as it can be entertaining and exciting. Drinking games, music, dancing and engaging conversation spiced up with jokes and nostalgia is the perfect recipe for an exhilarating affair.

Art of Drinking Blenders Pride

When it’s a house party you have in mind, you could never go wrong with a 2L variant of Blenders Pride whisky that ensures your guests never run out of the good stuff, and that the fun never stops.

New Year’s Eve

If you have resisted the temptation to try out Blenders Pride whisky, no other moment could be as ideal to switch brands and enjoy the full bodied, sweet and buttery taste of India’s bestselling blended whisky in its segment.

The answer to the question “How to Drink Blenders Pride?” Is “The way you like it”. Pouring some water, or adding a few cubes of ice, sip neat or even a sufficient amount of ginger ale is enough to shake things up and enjoy the company of Blenders Pride whisky.

Of course when it comes to choosing the right moment to enjoy a refreshing glass of Seagram’s Blenders Pride, just about anything you prefer is the perfect moment.

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Strathisla – The Home of the Chivas Regal

Said to be the oldest operating distillery in the Highlands, the Strathilsa Distillery was founded in 1786 by George Taylor and Alexander Milne under the name Milltown distillery and is the home of Scotch Whisky. The name was first changed to Strathisla in 1870, then to Milton in 1890 and finally to Strathisla Distillery again in 1951. In 1965, the number of stills at Strathisla was doubled from two to four. These new stills were steam heated from the beginning, but the two old stills weren't until 1992. The spirit isn't filled into casks at the Strathisla distillery directly. Instead, it is first transported to the nearby Glen Keith distillery via pipes to be casked there. Most of the casks are stored elsewhere, but a handful of them are transported back to the Strathisla distillery to mature on site. For this purpose, the distillery still includes two warehouses; one traditional 'dunnage' warehouse and a modern 'racked' variety. The rest of the casks are stored in one of the three bonded warehouses of Chivas Brothers and one of them is located in Keith.Often described as the most picturesque distillery in Scotland, Strathisla proves that beauty really isn't skin deep. Beneath the iconic twin pagodas, the copper stills have a distinctive shape that determines the unique character of every drop of Strathisla Scotch whisky – its signature richness that is fruity and full-bodied.The distillery itself was completed in 1786 (under the name of Milton or Milltown), making it one of the oldest distilleries from the 18th century which still in exists. This beautifully aged distillery has witnessed its fair share of history when Strathisla was blazed in flames in 1876. An explosion in the malt mill during 1879 also was a huge blow to the establishment.The Strathisla Distillery was quickly rebuilt, and this time with its own bottling plant. In 1880, William Longmore retired and his son-in-law John Geddes-Brown took control of the distillery. This resulted in the formation of William Longmore & Co. Ten years later in 1890, the name of the distillery was changed to Milton (referring to the nearby Milton Castle).Strathisla Distillery embraces the Scottish culture in all its produces and makes one feel closer to the true spirit of their rich and smooth Scotch whisky blends.

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