Are whisky decanters a good option for storing whisky

Decanters are vessels that were originally designed for storing Wine. The Romans, who acquired various skills byconquering other parts of the world, learned the art and started producing glass decanters. 

The best part of the life cycle of renovating decanters came in the 1730s when the British invented a decanter with a stopper.


In today's modern world, decanters are usually made of glass or crystal, and they come in various sizes and shapes. You can remember it from various blockbuster and trend-setting movies. Today every stratum of society uses decanters to store whisky and other spirits. It is a novel way of serving your guests and adds a glam quotient to your table. Earlier, it was used to store Wine, but today, with the invention of sturdy stoppers, one can store any type of liquor, including whisky.


It is a fancy way of storing your spirit instead of the boring bottle like for storing the Johnnie Walker Platinum series. They add appeal to your parties/events, especially with their appearance. 


Now let's get down to the important question of "can whisky be stored in a decanter?"

The answer is a big yes. Nowadays, decanters come with an airtight seal or stopper, which prevents any oxidation. Your drink, be it a budgetary or premium range like Johnnie Walker Platinum, will taste the same and have the original strong body to it. It not only protects it but also gives a subtle appearance.


Let us try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about decanters:


For how long can one store whisky in a decanter?


Whisky can be stored for a period of one to two years in a glass or normal crystal decanter. If you store it in a leaded crystal decanter, it is better to consume it within 2-3 days as it can harm the drink and give out a bad taste.


Does whisky lose its flavour when poured in a decanter?


You have to protect it from direct contact with air and humidity to avoid any damage to your drink. Once stored in a cool and dark place, you don't have to worry about it. It is best recommended to buy a decanter with a solid stopper.


Which is the better option amongst lead-free and lead crystal decanters?


Today, many of the crystal decanters are lead-free to eliminate any side effects to the spirit. However, some brands produce lead crystal decanters that are artistic, heavy and ooze royalty. But as stated earlier, if you buy a leaded crystal decanter, you have to finish off your whisky in a window period of 3 days since it was poured.

Benefits of pouring your whisky in a decanter: 


  • Gives a cosmopolitan look to your drink.
  • Nobody will know what brand you are serving.



You might have understood the nuances of why to use a decanter. It not only adds glitz but also helps you with keeping the liquor flow in control. Some major things to keep in mind while purchasing a decanter is that is should be of an appropriate size (750ml and above) and should come with an airtight stopper. There are some decanters with artistic designs, and they come with a high price tag. Hence, we conclude by stating that decanters are safe to pour, serve and store whisky for a specific period.