All you need to know about World Whisky Day

Whisky Day

We are fast approaching the 10th anniversary of World Whisky Day, so today, we share a quick refresher about the day for the uninitiated. The World Whisky Day was founded in 2012 by Blair Bowman – one of the leading whisky consultants in the industry. According to him, "World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life."

When is World Whisky Day?

The day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May every year. Whisky lovers worldwide gather for tastings, events and fun. However, the celebrations have moved into virtual space since last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The World Whisky Day 2021 will be celebrated on May 15.

What is the celebration about?

For centuries, whisky has held a special place in the hearts of liquor lovers. Blair Bowman espouses making whisky fun for all instead of restricting it within an exclusive perspective. The World Whisky Day is all about enjoying a bottle of whisk(e)y – no matter the variety.

Last year, the celebration was organized with the hashtag #YouDeserveADram. According to the official website, the event is going virtual once again and will continue from 14th – 16th May as "World Whisky Weekender." Apart from the usual frolic, the event will include engaging conversations with whisky enthusiasts from around the world.

How to celebrate World Whisky Day?

The day reminds us of the incredibly broad range of whiskies available out there. It's unlikely that you have tried them all. So, the perfect place to start is with some award-winning whiskies you can try this World Whisky Day. You can also try whiskies made from different grains for a change, e.g., perhaps try a rye whisky from the Americas instead of your usual single malts from the Highlands.

You may need more than a day to try the various types of whisky; hence the World Whisky Weekender presents the perfect opportunity to indulge your tastebuds. Another fun thing you can do is create some unique whisky cocktails and share your experience through the event and your social media. If you are an avid mixer, you can also share some of your secret recipes.

Concluding thoughts

The World Whisky Day has become a landmark on the whisky calendar ever since its inception. Unfortunately, after several years of fun-filled celebrations, the event's spirit was dampened a little in 2020 by the unexpected coronavirus pandemic. However, the event is back with a bang this year, promising a lot of virtual fun. You can check out the schedule on the official website of World Whisky Day.

The only rule is to drink responsibly!