Everything You Need to know About Cobra Whisky

Whisky is one of the world’s most popular liquor, enjoyed by people of all ages. Due to its immense popularity, whisky is available in a variety of brands, tastes, and preferences. Whether you’re looking for premium scotches or cost-efficient malts, there’s something for everyone.

However, the type of whisky we’re going to discuss in this guide is one of the most bizarre things you may have ever seen. Popularly termed as ‘Cobra Whisky’, this is an alcoholic spirit made with real snakes infused in it as a core ingredient. Although it may sound highly unpalatable, the Cobra Whisky features an acquired taste with rice wine or grain alcohol, seeds pods and ginseng roots in it.

This drink is mostly produced in Asian countries and its recipe may differ based on where you purchase it. The spirit surely sounds interesting enough to discuss even more. With that said, let’s delve deeper and try to understand ‘what is Cobra Whisky’, how it's made and what benefits does it provide.

Cobra Whisky - How is it Made?

Cobra Whisky is made with the help of a large glass vessel, where a cobra is placed with rice wine or grain alcohol. This mixture is kept idle for several months to allow the cobra to steep in the solution. It can even consist of medical herbs to offer health benefits, based on the region. Connoisseurs who make Cobra Whisky often place it on ice to numb the snake’s body and remove the intestines from its body.

When the cobra regains from the numb position, it attempts to trash around because of pain. Although the process feels quite inhumane, removing the intestine is necessary as it prevents the spirit from acquiring an unpleasant smell. A lot of people don’t consider it as an actual whisky because it’s made from rice instead of the grains mostly used in whiskies.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Consuming Cobra Whisky?

Apart from its unique interpretation in the market, Cobra Whisky is also said to consist of certain health benefits as per claims made by several enthusiasts. It’s considered a reliable cure for back pain, farsightedness and provides more strength to your body.

However, you may have heard such claims about Scotch Whiskies as well, which makes it quite harder to believe in such claims. Moreover, there’s not even a shred of scientific evidence that backs the fact that Cobra Whisky provides health benefits to you.


There are several different types of whiskies available across the world, and now you know about one made with snakes.