Absolut vs. Smirnoff: Who’s Calling the Shots?

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in India and the world. Originating in Russia, the ‘flavorless’ vodka is made from fermented wheat and potatoes. However, some newer variants are also fermented with fruits or sugar to add flavor. Vodka also serves as the base for many cocktails, such as Vodka Tonic, White Russian and Bloody Mary.

In today’s post, we are comparing the two most popular vodka brands in India, Absolut and Smirnoff, for quality and taste.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut is made from natural ingredients and, unlike other triple distilled vodka brands, does not have added sugars. While most Vodka brands buy a raw spirit on the open market and do the distillation, Absolut controls everything from seed to bottle. The resulting taste is very clean and full-bodied and brings out the complex but smooth character of the fermented grain. There is a hint of dried fruit on every sip of Absolut, which the brand refers to as the true taste of vodka. Absolut is a premium vodka and has one of the most iconic bottle designs in the liquor industry.

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff has a classic taste, inspired by the Russian flavor that serves as a base for many varieties of vodka. Although now produced the world over, its origins date back to the 19th century Moscow. Smirnoff vodka has a clean aroma with very slight hints of black pepper and charcoal. The palate contains subtle minerality with more cracked black pepper and a faint peppermint freshness. In terms of pricing, Smirnoff can be considered a more mass-market product.

Absolut vs. Smirnoff, which one is better?

While both vodkas are triple distilled and have the same ABV at 40%, drinkers usually prefer Absolut during a blind tasting. Smirnoff scores a lower rating (84) compared to Absolut (94), and there’s a noticeable price difference between the two white spirits. But due to wider brand recognition, Smirnoff does pull ahead in terms of overall sales.

Smirnoff is also ahead on awards count, with five gold rankings in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. On the other hand, Absolut has bagged double gold at the same event in 2013 and has a 4.3 rating by the world-renowned Wine Enthusiast Magazine. In conclusion, we can say that while Absolut is better overall in quality and taste, Smirnoff is not too far behind. As a vodka lover calling the shots, you take the win, as one cannot go wrong with either of these white spirits.

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