A casual drinker’s guide to drinking liquor

A casual drinker

In today’s post, we are addressing a very common thing that happens with drink lovers – over drinking. It’s a known fact that a lot of people who are out for a casual drink, or two, end up getting drunk more often than they intended. Sometimes, people may also regret their actions or words while they drink. But can you categorize this phenomenon as alcoholism? Let’s find out.

There are three types of drinkers, casual drinkers, problem drinkers and alcoholics. Here’s how they are defined in medicinal terms.

Casual Drinkers

People who occasionally drink alcohol, generally during social gatherings. Also known as social drinkers, casual drinkers rarely get drunk or blackout. Casual drinkers enjoy alcohol and are known to dabble in homemade vodka and whisky cocktails and foods.

Problem Drinkers

People who consume alcohol frequently and often end up drinking more than intended fall in this category. Some problem drinkers may also experience adverse health effects. However, their condition is not chronic, and they can quit drinking liquor on their own.


People in this category cannot control their urge to drink. Most alcoholics drink heavily every day and regularly experience life and health problems caused by their drinking habits. These are the people who need institutional help for staying sober.

So, going by the medical definitions, we can conclude that people who end up overdrinking without meaning to can be categorized as casual-slash-problem drinkers.

How to go from being a problem drinker to casual drinker?

Here, recognizing how much alcohol is too much alcohol is the key. Social drinkers are identified as people who,

  • Know when to stop drinking
  • Drink only a few times a month
  • Drink for enjoyment rather than getting drunk
  • Do not drive with alcohol in their system

So, if you have had problems with drinking in the past, albeit occasionally, and wish to change your status as a problem drinker, try imbibing the habits of a casual drinker. A good rule of thumb is to assess your situation after two pegs of liquor. If you have started feeling tipsy, then make it your New Year’s resolution to desist from drinking any further.

The Whiskypedia tips for drinking responsibly

We have also compiled a few tips for drink lovers who mean to moderate their drinking with healthy habits. Do note that these tips are contextual, and you can bend the rules a little when drinking in a safe environment and the occasion calls for it.

  • Only drink on a full stomach
  • Keep hydrating with water or juices in between drinks
  • Avoid shots of liquor with high alcohol percentage
  • Avoid drinking games when drinking casually
  • Avoid mixing different types of liquor
  • Always have a sober driver with you or take a taxi home
  • Drink in appropriate settings

So, that wraps up our guide for drinking responsibly as a casual drinker. We hope you find it useful when the next party invite comes calling. Adieu.

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