8 PM Premium Black Whisky: Amongst the top Whisky Brands in India

8 PM Premium Black Whisky: Amongst the top Whisky Brands in India

The 8 PM premium Black Whisky from the house of Radico Khaitan is a sought-after product amongst whisky lovers in India for reasons galore. Launched in 1998, this flagship product has climbed the whisky popularity charts quickly and consistently over the years. Its rich taste, which results from blending the most refined quality grains, lends it a delicate taste and a smooth flavour.

Akin to international scotch whisky, many will agree that the 8 PM Premium Black Whisky can give many international blends a run for their money. What is incredibly fantastic is the fact that the price that is on offer is extremely reasonable, and this is probably one of the reasons why this one is such a winner with whisky connoisseurs.

Talking about monies, 8 PM Premium Black Whisky price goes on to prove that one can access and create a super smooth and premium taste at a price that is affordable and doesn't burn a hole in ones' pocket. Ranked as the world's 11th largest selling whisky brand by the Drinks International Millionaire’s Club 2018 rankings, the 8 PM Premium Black Whisky has the coveted title of being the world's second-fastest-growing whisky since its inception.

A many of firsts, this is the first-ever for a brand where all three sizes are available in mono cartons. Evoking class and luxury, a lot of care and intricacy has gone into creating the packaging that truly reflects a high standard. It is because of all these minor but rather critical features that the 8 PM Premium Black Whisky price feels like an absolute steal.

The aroma of this blend combines a fruity feel with a sweetness that combines with a peaty note. Together this makes for a well-balanced bouquet, and the aftertaste that lingers is that of a rich medium finish.

The 8 PM Premium Black Whisky has been positioned as a drink that even rivals can enjoy together and not just friends, and this has helped forge a sense of bonding and camaraderie. At the same time, this might seem like a marketing ploy, but who's to argue when what is on offer is a product that combines such high quality with a price to die for.

The 8 PM Premium Black Whisky price is not the only thing that works for the blend. Eventually, no matter how affordable a whisky is, the final test is in the taste, especially for those who do take their drinks seriously. It is on this front that the whisky comes out on top. It is this top-notch taste that has led to making the 8 PM Premium Black Whisky one of the top whisky brands in India.

Now that the pitch for the brand is firmly in place, the price too needs a revelation. The 8 PM Premium Black Whisky price ranges from anything between Rs. 690 to Rs. 720 depending upon the location. Those looking for a strong drink that has a higher potency compared to others vouch for this product as being unparalleled. With an alcohol strength of 42.8 %, the 8 pm premium black whisky also holds a Limca Book of Records title for selling one million cases within the first year of its launch.

All things considered, this product is a must include for occasions where one is either sharing a drink with friends, family or going about an evening in solitude enjoying a drink or two on their own.