7 Classic Drinks To Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Friends


Friendship Day is an occasion to celebrate the unbreakable bond of friendly relationships you have developed throughout your lifetime. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends on this auspicious occasion, nothing can beat the competency of good weather and a delicious classic drink. Here are seven classic drinks that you can choose to celebrate friendship day with your friends:

 1.     McDowell's No.1

 If you live in India, you sure would have heard about McDowell’s No. 1 whisky produced by United Spirits. Delivering some of the truest ‘Yaari’ lessons through their amazing storytelling and unparalleled spirit taste, this drink is worth giving a try this Friendship Day.

 2.    Royal Stag Whisky

 Being one of the most iconic spirit brands of India, Seagram’s Royal Stag is exceptionally popular among Indian consumers and a preferred choice for an engaging get-together. Make your friendship day memorable with its pioneering grain spirits and scotch malts.

 3.    Imperial Blue Whisky

 Known for its unparalleled smoothness, you can always count on Imperial Blue to enjoy a great drinking session with your beloved friends. It’s one of the top-three most selling whisky brands in the world with a very unique blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malts.

 4.     Sterling Reserve Premium Blended Whisky

 Involving scotch malts from barrels of different origins, the Sterling Reserve whisky is known for its honeyed sweetness and heathery nose. If you are looking for a premium drink for this Friendship Day, make sure you take a look at it.

 5.     Bagpiper Gold Whisky

 Bagpiper is one of the oldest domestic whisky brands available in India at a very affordable price. Its light malty aroma and hints of earthiness are the reason why this drink certainly fits the bill for celebration on this Friendship Day.

 6.     The Rockford Reserve Whisky

 Made with only the finest oak-aged Scottish malts and charcoal filtered Indian grain spirits, Rockford Reserve whisky offers a unique drinking experience, especially when you are around the people on whom you can count on anytime.

 7.     Blenders Pride Whisky

 Blenders Pride is one of the most renowned whisky brands in India. Involving the finest scotch malts from Chivas brothers and blending them with an unparalleled quality of Indian grain spirits, this drink offers a heavenly taste with every sip.

 Bottom Line

 When you have the right people around you, even the most critical situations can be waived off with ease. Therefore, make sure you show your love for your friend this Friendship Day by spending quality time with them through a drinking session incorporating any of the aforementioned drinks.