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Best Whisky Brands in India

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Not only is India by far the world’s most prolific whisky consuming nation, the Indian whisky market has the potential to embrace the most economically priced Indian liquor to the most elusive and opulent single malt Scotch whiskies with equal poise.

Brands from both ends of the spectrum, no matter which country they belong to, co-exist in India as there are takers for just about anything whisky makers can offer. Whether its Indian whisky, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey or Bourbon whiskey, the Indian whisky lover is up for it all.

Today we list down some of the most remarkable whisky brands in India that are not just dominating the sales figures, but are creating whiskies that will have you smack your lips and raise your glass for more. These are the best whisky brands that are currently being sold in India, performing exceedingly well both in terms of quality and voluminous sales!

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Chivas regal scotch whisky

This blended Scotch whisky is the Holy Grail for whisky drinkers in India. It is not just a terrific Scotch, but is also synonymous as a status symbol, a truly elite drink that is fit only for the choicest and most special occasions.

Masterfully blended with the finest malt and grain whiskies from the most coveted distilleries of Scotland, the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old is a remarkable Scotch whisky that one must try at least once in their lifetime. It is truly one of the best whisky brands in India.

Price of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old in India: 3,645 INR

Alcohol By Volume Percentage in Chivas Regal 12 Year Old: 40% ABV

Ballantine’s Finest

ballantine’s finest scotch

This no-age-statement blended Scotch whisky is a landmark, registering a reputation for its impeccable taste and quality that is frankly, unrivalled. A classic blend that delivers a drink of a much superior magnitude not reflected by its price, a huge reason behind the brand’s popularity in India.

It is rightly one of the world’s most sought after whisky brands, and consistently features among the highest selling Scotch whisky brands worldwide. It is a reasonably priced Scotch

whisky that makes it ideal for a luxurious daily drink without hurting the pockets or your taste buds! Price of Ballantine’s Finest in India: 1,785 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Ballantine’s Finest: 40% ABV

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet single malt

A phenomenal single malt that is revered the world over, not just critically but also commercially. This Scotch whisky was the first single malt distilled in one of Scotland’s most beloved and prolific whisky making regions: The Speyside.

The Glenlivet is a super-premium single malt Scotch for whisky lovers and enthusiasts who revel in luxury, and prefer to indulge in only the best of the best. Price of The Glenlivet 12 Year Old in India: 4,550 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in The Glenlivet 12 Year Old: 40% ABV

100 Pipers Deluxe Scotch whisky

100 pipers deluxe scotch whisky

Consistently featured on the list of the world’s best selling Scotch whiskies, 100 Pipers is an immensely popular Scotch whisky in India. This whisky brand has gained a tremendous traction among the urban Indian whisky drinker, well-known for its bang-for-the-buck quality.

Smooth, aromatic and well-rounded, this is an amazing blended Scotch whisky in India that is not just reasonably priced but performs marvellously when put to the test. It is perhaps the deserving of the title of India’s leading Scotch whisky brand.

Price of the 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch whisky in India: 2,060 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch whisky: 40% ABV

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson irish whiskey

Another classic example of a wildly popular whiskey that dominates whiskey sales all over the world, Jameson is perhaps Ireland’s finest export. Irish whiskeys are considered very well-liked due to their ‘triple distillation’, giving the whiskey an incredibly smooth finish, and among all Irish whiskeys, Jameson is by far the most popular.

In India, Jameson is an excellent match to the preferences of Indian whiskey drinkers since it is a uniquely adaptable whiskey that goes well neat, with a mixer, a chaser, or even when mixed into some of the world’s most famous whiskey cocktails. Being one of the best-selling Irish Whiskey in the country, Jameson whiskey price in India varies from state to state. Jameson whiskey price in Mumbai will not be the same as Jameson whiskey price in other cities or states.

Jameson Irish whiskey Price in India: 2,240 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Jameson Irish whiskey: 40% ABV

Jack Daniel’s Old N0.7 Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels whiskey

Holder of the title of the world’s largest selling American whiskey, Jack Daniel’s is also an extremely popular whiskey brand in India. It is a premium whiskey brand and has been known to divide whiskey drinkers in India and all over the world although its popularity can never be questioned.

Known for its versatility, Jack Daniel’s is popular among younger whiskey drinkers since unlike Scotch whisky, it can be enjoyed with mixers, whereas seasoned Jack lovers have the stomach to drink it neat. Regardless of preferences, it is one of the best whiskey brands available in India today.

Price of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey in India: 3,540 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey: 40% ABV

Johnnie Walker Black Label

JW black label

A common sight at bar counters in restaurants and pubs, and regularly added to every home bar worth its salt, this blended Scotch stands out as a drink for all ages. A smoky, smooth and no-nonsense drink, it is among the few Scotch whisky brands in India that have remained desirable for decades.

It is a recognizable brand, and even non-drinkers know of Johnnie Walker Black Label in India. A great every day drink from the premium segment, it is

Price of Johnnie Walker Black Label in India: 3,545 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Johnnie Walker Black Label: 40% ABV

Teacher’s Highland Cream

Teacher’s whiskey

Another bestselling blended Scotch that has established a dominating presence in the Indian whisky market, Teacher’s Highland Cream is three things if not everything; it is famous, its smooth and it’s among the most economical whisky price in India.

Much of the common legend and loyalty around Teacher’s Highland Cream is due to the fact that whether it’s a seasoned whisky drinker or an ambitious whisky drinking beginner pining for good Scotch, it is accessible and pleasing for everyone.

The Teacher’s whisky best price is available in Rajasthan where a large 750 ML bottle of this blended Scotch whisky is under 2000 Rupees. The whisky prices in Mumbai and other places such as West Bengal are in the region of 3000-3200 Rupees.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Teacher’s Highland Cream: 40% ABV

Aberlour 12 Year Old

Aberlour 12 year old

This standard bottling is a criminally underrated gem of single malt Scotch whisky that has not yet found the mainstream success as other whisky brands but has begun to make its mark on the whisky drinking scene in India. Strong word of mouth, a fantastic array of aromas and flavours from its double-cask maturation and a strongly competitive pricing make it a winner.

Aberlour is currently one of the best Scotch whisky brands in India that has begun to rise to the rank of one of India’s top whisky brands, and looks poised to do even better in the near future.

Price of Aberlour 12 Year Old in India: 5,098 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Aberlour 12 Year Old: 40% ABV

Black & White Blended Scotch whisky

B&W scotch

This exceptional blended Scotch whisky with a higher grain whisky content shares a number of similarities with Teachers Highland Cream on the parameters of popularity. It is a particular favourite when it comes to a no-nonsense daily drink among Indian whisky lovers due to its affordable pricing and smooth finish.

Black & White is a light drink, which makes it ideal to be enjoyed with some water, or even neat with a couple of ice cubes. Without overwhelming with rich flavour or harshness, it is a robust whisky for just about any whisky lover not looking to splurge and its sales speak for itself.

Price of Black & White Blended Scotch whisky in India: 2,220 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Black & White Blended Scotch whisky in India: 40% ABV

Best Blended Scotch whiskies in India

Chivas Regal

Chivas regal

The obvious name on any Scotch aficionado’s mind when they think of blended Scotch whisky, Chivas Regal transcended its identity as a mere brand, and can safely be termed an institution of the art of blending Scotch. Pioneers in the category, it dominates Scotch whisky sales in many countries worldwide including India, where it has achieved unprecedented success in recent years.

Beginning from the standard Chivas 12, to the more complex, prestigious and decadent Chivas Regal 25, the world’s first luxury whisky to the Chivas The Icon, a landmark in the art of whisky making, the Chivas whisky inventory is a monument unto itself.


Ballantine’s finest

This iconic Scotch whisky brand dominates the blended Scotch whisky market in India, and around the world through sheer numbers alone. Such is the popularity of Ballantine’s blends that they are termed to be classics by whisky experts who live and die by their love for whisky!

Ballantine’s Finest, the brand’s standard bottling is so revered in the blended Scotch whisky realm that it accounts for more than three quarters of the company’s sales. The young Indian lover’s evolving appetite for luxury drives them towards the upper echelons of the recreational yet somehow opulent hobby of whisky tasting.

Johnnie Walker

JW black Label

Engaged in the cutthroat battle of capturing the loyalties of every Scotch drinking Indian for years, Johnnie Walker has done exceedingly well in the world’s largest whisky drinking market. No matter how you take your Scotch, Neat, or with a mixer; with water or mixed into a cocktail, there is a Johnnie Walker for it.

Johnnie Walker are makers of some truly mesmerizing no-age-statement blends such as the Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Double Black; and expressions with an age statement such as the Johnnie Walker Black Label and Johnnie Walker Green Label.

J&B Rare Blended Scotch whisky

J&B rare whisky

TA gentle giant in the blended Scotch category in India, Justerini & Brooks exists without much fanfare around it and with no air of luxurious positioning, or with any pompous paraphernalia. All that works for this robust whisky is its great taste and the modest expense it requires.

J&B Rare was named so for the sake of appeal, and to enamour the American audiences post-Prohibition, although there is nothing ordinary about it either. It is phenomenally popular in India, and is the most popular blended Scotch in the European continent.

100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch whisky

100 pipers blended whisky

India’s top selling Scotch whisky brand needs no further recommendations but with a brand of 100 Pipers’ calibre, it would be unfair to highlight how this brand has captured the Indian whisky drinkers’ loyalties. 100 Pipers is also the first Scotch whisky brand to hit sales of 1 million cases in India.

Packed with tantalizing aromas of soft smoke, and vanilla and flavours of dried fruit and spices, 100 Pipers is a drink for all whisky lovers, and more often than not serves as the first brush with Scotch for many whisky drinking beginners owing to its reasonable pricing. Whether it’s whisky veterans or novices, 100 Pipers is truly an illuminating experience for all.

Seagram's 100 Pipers Deluxe Scotch Whisky Price in India ranges from 500 to 1,100 INR.

Black & White Blended Scotch whisky

Black & White scotch

As good as it gets at a price like this, Black & White is a blended Scotch whisky with a higher proportion of grain whisky that makes it unlike any other blended Scotch in the market. The brand is a universal favourite among Scotch connoisseurs who appreciate this light whisky with gently flavoured tasting notes.

Commonly recognized by its distinct logo featuring a black Scottish Terrier and a white coloured White Highland Terrier, Black & White has done consistently well in foreign markets since its creation during the 1890s by James Buchanan.

Teachers Highland Cream

Teacher’s highland whisky

One of the many budget Scotch whiskies that reign supreme over the whisky loving Indian market, Teachers Highland Cream has followed a trajectory of success that has never witnessed it drop out of the top 5 whisky brands in India.

For many years, Teachers was the top selling Scotch whisky brand in India before it was dethroned by another illustrious inclusion on our Scotch whisky price list, the 100 Pipers blend. Regardless, it continues to be highly rated and one of the most dependable Scotch whiskies in the market for the little moments of joy that deserve a sombre celebration, or the drink that dissolves all stress at the end of the day.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Black dog triple gold reserve whisky

A decent, up and coming brand of blended Scotch whisky in the Indian market, Black Dog’s roots can be traced back to Scotland in 1883. Although the brand is now owned by India based United Spirits Ltd, who are in turn owned by Diageo LLC and enjoys little presence abroad.

It does, however, do well in the Indian market and holds a sufficient share of the blended Scotch whisky category in India.

Dewar’s White Label

Dewar’s whisky

Makers of the United States’ bestselling blended Scotch whisky, Dewar’s is another fast growing brand in the Indian market where it previously had little presence. It is well-known to be one of the most reasonably priced Scotch whiskies, and performing well at whisky tasting competitions.

The cornerstone of Dewar’s inventory is the White Label, their best performing expression both abroad and in the Indian market. The White Label is a delightful drink with sweet aromas of honey and fruits, and soft flavours of pears, vanilla and fudge.

VAT 69 Blended Scotch whisky

VAT 69 scotch

Contrary to what the name suggests, VAT 69 is a blended Scotch whisky, not a ‘vatted malt’ as blended malt Scotch was earlier known by. Nevertheless, it is a beloved blended Scotch and retains some amount of loyalty among regular drinkers who favour its smooth finish and affordable pricing.

The standard blended Scotch segment in India is an extremely competitive one due to its price sensitive nature, and VAT 69 is one of the brands that have done well in the country.

Best Single Malt Scotch whisky brands in India

Single malt Scotch whisky is the ultimate attraction for whisky veterans and neophytes alike, and some of the world’s most elusive and sought after Scotch whiskies are single malts. True indicators of the region they were distilled in, Single Malts are untethered and have a distinct personality of their own that, beyond a certain measure, cannot be controlled.

The natural resources such as water and grain, shape and size of the stills, type of Oak barrels used to mature the product and the environment of the cellar where they mature are factors that exercise more control over the end result when it comes to single malt whiskies.

Single Malt Scotch whiskies are considered to be the ultimate luxury product when it comes to whiskies, and rightly so. In India, Single Malts Scotch is one of the fastest growing whisky segments as whisky lovers gain more and more understanding of the ‘spirit of the Gods’, opting to splurge on only the best of the best.

These are some of India’s most popular single malt Scotch brands that are spearheading India’s thirst for luxury whiskies.

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet scotch

A colossal giant in the single malt Scotch industry, The Glenlivet has been around for centuries with King George IV himself being one of the first lovers of its sensational taste.

Known as ‘single malt that started it all’, The Glenlivet is one of the world’s largest selling single malt Scotch whiskies, and the same holds true in the Indian market too. This Speyside classic is one of the smoothest single malt whiskies, packed with enticing aromas, sweet and fruity flavours and a mouth-watering finish that will keep you asking for more. The Glenlivet brand inventory begins from the 12 Year Old to The Glenlivet 25 Year Old, one of the world’s most revered and awarded single malt Scotch whiskies.

This is the best single malt Scotch whisky in India for lovers of premium drinks, but The Glenlivet price in India can vary from state to state. The whisky price in Delhi and whisky price in Mumbai are very different. The Glenlivet 12 price in India (West Bengal) is between 8000-8700 Rupees.


Glenfiddich scotch

Glenfiddich too, is a Speyside classic and along with The Glenlivet, are the bestselling single malt Scotch whiskies in India, and also the world. It has all the typical Speyside characteristics that make Speyside single malts desirable all over the world, and has won its fair share of awards at numerous whisky tasting competitions.

The Glenfiddich inventory too begins at the standard 12 Year Old bottling, and goes up to the 21 Year Old as part of their core range. For a Scotch like Glenfiddich price in India varies immensely in different states. The whisky price in Delhi and whisky price in Mumbai can vary greatly.

The Whiskypedia can provide you a rough estimate for Glenfiddich 12 price in India (West Bengal) – between 8000-9000 Rupees.


Glenmorangie scotch brand

Although it shares the prefix ‘Glen’ with numerous Speyside distilleries, Glenmorangie is a Highland distillery and prides itself on owning the ‘tallest copper stills in Scotland’. These tall stills help Glenmorangie preserve their identity of producing one of the lightest single malts that lack no punch when it comes to delivering a sufficient ‘buzz’

Glenmorangie has been one of the brands that have gained a tremendous amount of traction in India, successfully placing itself in the league of long-time legends such as The Glenlivet.

Like the rough estimate for Glenfiddich’s price in India, the Glenmorangie price in India also varies in different states.

The 10 year old Glenmorangie price in India (West Bengal) can range from 10,700-11,000 Rupees, which is higher than Glenfiddich’s Indian price tag.


Aberlour single malt whisky

Aberlour is another remarkable single malt that has captured the attention of whisky drinkers worldwide. Uniquely matured in two different types of casks, the Aberlour line of single malts have had much success in recent times, both critically and commercially.

It is currently one of the best single malt Scotch brands in India, and has only more room for growth. The Aberlour core range is made up by the 12 Year Old, the 15 Year Old and the 18 Year Old, all terrific expressions.

As discussed before, the whisky price in Delhi and whisky price in Mumbai can be very different but the whisky price in India for a neutral location can be provided. The price for Aberlour 12 Year Old in West Bengal is between 10,000-10,500 Rupees.


laphroaig whisky brand

As far as cult classics go, Laphroaig is the universal protagonist in the realm of single malt Scotch whiskies. This Islay classic is unlike most Scotch whiskies and this specifically is the brand’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Its medicinal, iodine rich and heavily coast-influenced characteristics make it unique.

Whether it’s in India or abroad, Laphroaig loyalists love it wholeheartedly whereas the detractors dislike it with equal disdain. No matter the opinions, Laphroaig’s quality makes it without question, one of the best single malt Scotch brands currently available in India.

Laphroaig prices in India are slightly lower than Speyside and Highland Scotch whisky. It is priced between 8000-9000 rupees in West Bengal.


Dalmore malt scotch whisky

One of the few single malt Scotch brands to enjoy the kind of mass appeal that is enjoyed by few, the Dalmore is one of the world’s most revered Highland single malts. Vintage bottlings of many Dalmore expressions are often sold on private auctions, and the brand continues to produce some good quality Scotch.

The Dalmore logo, a 12-pointed Royal Stag, is one of the most distinctly recognized traits of the brand, and the beautifully crafted bottles of the Dalmore give the brand an audaciously prestigious look. This has helped it make some serious headway in the list of best-selling single malt Scotch whisky brands in India.

The 12 Year Old Dalmore is priced in India (West Bengal) at around 16,000-16,500 Rupees. The whisky price in Delhi and whisky price in Mumbai can be significantly different than stated above.


lagavulin single malt

Neighbours, rivals and historic carriers of the Islay legacy, it is Lagavulin and Laphroaig’s shared history that has preserved the Islay’s ways of distilling the heavily smoky, pungent and flavourful single malts.

Seasoned whisky lovers in India too share a tinge of the rivalry, and those who love Islay whiskies will display some amount of loyalty towards either Lagavulin or Laphroaig. Nevertheless, Lagavulin is a timeless classic when it comes to single malt Scotch whiskies, and is a top single malt brand in India.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old is a heavily matured whisky as compared to its closest historic rival, Laphroaig and their flagship 10 Year Old blend. This results in the Lagavulin price in India to be higher at around 15,000-15,500 in West Bengal.


Talisker single malt scotch

Talisker has a long and illustrious history for their single malts, and being the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, it shares a striking similarity with most Islay single malts and just the enough amount of novelty to have an identity of its own.

ITalisker exercises its solitary position as the only distillery on the Isle of Skye for their marketing, and this has helped the brand build a glowing reputation for their single malts. it is currently one of the best brands of single malt Scotch in India but lacks mass appeal due to its heavily smoky profile.

The price of Talisker’s standard 10 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky in the state of West Bengal is between 8,500-9,000 Rupees.


Bowmore scotch

Much like The Glenlivet is forever etched in Speyside legend as the first licensed distillery in the region, so is the Bowmore distillery to the Isle of Islay. The distillery has barely changed their ways of distillation in over two centuries, a testament to the quality and consistency of this Islay single malt.

In addition to the smoky maritime nature of Islay whiskies, Bowmore single malts are rich in flavours of tropical fruits, citrus and have a hint of sweetness to them. It has been gaining popularity in the Indian market and is rising towards becoming one of the top single malt Scotch brands in India.

The Bowmore 12 Year Old Scotch whisky price in India (West Bengal) is between 8500-9000 Rupees, but the whisky price in Delhi and whisky price in Mumbai could be different.


The Macallan highland single malt scotch whisky

Macallan is the world’s third most popular single malt Scotch whisky brand although its expensive and elusive nature often puts it out of the reach of suitors and whisky lovers. It is one of the most consistent single malt brands when it comes to quality, and rounds of the Speyside trio of dominance with The Glenlivet and Glenfiddich, although Macallan markets itself as a Highland distillery.

Their unique copper stills are the smallest in the Speyside, which makes their richly textured and full-bodied single malts to be huge draws among whisky enthusiasts who pursue their love with unmatched fervour. Without a doubt, Macallan is one of the best single malts in India and should be tried at least once.

Unfortunately, Macallan is not widely available in India except at duty free stores inside international airports and major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and a few more. The whisky prices in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities were unavailable online.

Best Indian whisky brands

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

Blenders pride reserve collection whisky brand

TEasily the most deserving candidate for the title of the most premium whisky made in India, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is the pinnacle of blended Indian whiskies. Scotch malts from the Chivas Brothers are married with the finest Indian grain spirit, aged in the choicest of Oak barrels using the revolutionary Spanish maturation method called the Solera Process.

It is a richly aromatic drink with notes of honey, vanilla and fruits, a velvety palate with hints of smoky fruitiness and a creamy, warm finish. The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection expression is an impressive release from Seagram’s, and can be heralded as the top Indian whisky brand in the market right now. It is also currently the best whisky in India below 1500 Rupees.

Price of blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky in India: 1,335 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Blenders Pride Reserve Collection: 42.8% ABV

Royal Stag Barrel Select

Royal stag barrel select whisky

Source: https://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2012/03/royal-stag-barrel-select.html

The Royal Stag brand, when released in the Indian market, was a pioneer in the industry, opting not to artificially flavour their product or use recycled bottles. Quality has always been an area of unrivalled finesse for the Royal Stag brand, and with the release of the Royal Stag Barrel Select in 2011, it has strengthened the brand’s resolve to deliver an unmatched brilliance.

IPlaced between the deluxe Indian whisky, and premium Indian whisky segment, occupied by Royal Stag Deluxe Indian whisky and Blender’s Pride Rare Premium Whisky respectively. The blend is created through the conflation of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain whiskies that are then aged in handpicked Oak barrels to produce a velvety, crisp drink.

Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky Price in India: 855 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Royal Stag Barrel Select: 42.8% ABV

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

Amrut single malt indian whisky brand

Amrut is the prestigious holder of the title of India’s first single malt whisky, and for that it deserves all accolades that it gets. The word ‘Amrut’, translated to ‘nectar’ was chosen by Neelkanta Rao Jagdale since it closely resembles the Gaelic translation for whisky, ‘the spirit of the Gods’.

Proven through blind tasting tests in Scotland itself, Amrut Single Malt is a product worthy of holding its own weight against whisky giants of the world. As consumers gravitate more and more towards premium whiskies, Amrut is cementing its position in the list of best Indian whisky brands.

The whisky prices in Mumbai and Delhi for Amrut Single Malt are unavailable but the prices for West Bengal fall in the range of 6000-7000 Rupees.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Amrut Indian Single Malt whisky: 46% ABV

Paul John Brilliance

Paul John indian whisky

Treading the path paved by Amrut Single Malt, this is another excellent Indian single malt whisky from John Distilleries, who were previously only involved in creating economical blended Indian whisky brands such as Original Choice, the fifth largest selling whisky brand worldwide by volume.

Paul John Brilliance managed to impress Jim Murray, author of the Whisky Bible, and has managed to impress whisky drinkers with its quality and fine taste. Paul John was released relatively recently in 2013, but has grown well to make it to our list of best Indian whisky brands.

Price of Paul John Brilliance in India: 5,815 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Paul John Brilliance: 46% ABV

Imperial Blue

Imperial blue grain whisky

Source: https://kinywaji.com/product/imperial-blue-grain-whisky/

Imperial Blue is a blend of imported Scotch malts and select Indian grain whiskies, an iconic whisky brand that has done really well in the market since it was first introduced in 1997. It is one of the market leaders in the Indian whisky industry, and placed third in the list of best selling whisky brands worldwide.

The brand’s astonishing sales figures and continued prosperity in the market is testament to the product on offer from Imperial Blue. It is one of the four lucrative brands part of the Seagram’s portfolio. Seagram’s Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is the best whisky in India below 1500 Rupees, and similarly, Imperial Blue is the best in its price segment. Seagram’s Imperial Blue is a potent yet impeccably smooth whisky, winning the Gold Quality Award at the Monde Selection Awards 2018.

Imperial Blue Whisky Price in India: 600 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Imperial Blue whisky: 42.8% ABV

Antiquity Blue

Antiquity blue whisky

Antiquity Blue is slightly different than most Indian whiskies since it is a blend of Scottish grain whiskies, whereas most Indian whiskies are blends of Scottish malts and Indian grain whiskies. Grain whiskies, no matter where they are from, are known to be smooth and Antiquity Blue is exactly that.

What it may lack in flavour, Antiquity Blue makes up for in smoothness and is a solid drink for people who prefer to take whisky with some water, or soda. With some augmentation in the quality of the blend, Antiquity Blue could have been the best whisky in India below 1500 Rupees. Sadly, it loses the crown to Seagram’s Blenders Pride Reserve Collection by a huge margin. Yet, it has been one of the oldest and consistently successful whisky brands in India since it was launched by Shaw Wallace in 1992, and is now part of United Spirits parent company Diageo LLC.

Price of Antiquity Blue in India: 1,080 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Antiquity Blue: 42.8% ABV

Rampur Single Malt

Rampur indian single malt

One of the new kids on the block, Rampur Single Malt is the freshest new prospects of the Indian whisky industry and an exciting one at that. The third single malt of note in production in India currently, Rampur Single Malt was released in 2016.

Like Amrut Indian Single Malt, and Paul John Brilliance, Rampur Single Malt is also non-chill filtered and carries the expertise of Radico Khaitan’s decades of whisky making experience. Although this is the first venture into the single malt territory from the company, they are onto something. One of the best new Indian whisky brands with a sensational product, and a stylish bottle, Rampur Single Malt deserves a mention on this list.

Price of Rampur Single Malt whisky in India: Price Unavailable

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Rampur Single Malt whisky: 43% ABV

McDowell’s Signature

Signature indian whisky

Placed in the premium segment of the Indian whisky segment, McDowell’s Signature is a reasonably priced blended Indian whisky that has been around for over three decades. It is widely recognized for its packaging, a bottle with an octagonal base.

Signature, as it is commonly referred to in India is a light whisky with smoky undertones, with some evident hits of molasses based spirit. It is a fairly popular blend in the market, but takes the back seat in place of the far more economical McDowell’s No. 1. Although Signature is a much better whisky, its quality does not match its high price tag and it fails to make its mark as a brand that makes one of the best whiskies in India below 1500 Rupees.

Price of McDowell’s Signature Whisky in India: 1,070 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in McDowell’s Signature whisky: 42.8% ABV

Royal Challenge

Royal challenge indian whisky

Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/22908473/Peter-England-Jeans-SS14

Another very robust entry into the list of best Indian whisky brands, Royal Challenge is not the most popular bottles but manages to do very well in terms of sales figures. It is another grain based whisky brand that has been around for a long time, being introduced by Shaw Wallace in the 1980s.

SWith a slightly higher proportion of molasses-based spirit in the Royal Challenge blend, it does draw some flak from whisky purists but manages to be well-liked among loyalists of the brand. It was once the market leader but has since taken the back-seat since the introduction of newer brands such as Royal Stag and Blenders Pride in the 1990s.

Price of Royal Challenge whisky: 720 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Royal Challenge whisky: 42.8% ABV



Source: https://www.radicokhaitan.com/

A very popular blended Indian whisky in the rural and semi-urban regions of the country, this Radico Khaitan release generated a tremendous amount of buzz when it was first introduced. 8PM whisky made waves in India when it crossed the 1 million cases sales figure in the very first year of its release, this grain whisky is loved for being a highly potent, affordably priced drink.

8PM is well-known to be smooth, and for being working wonderfully with mixers such as soda, or water, the mixer of choice for many seasoned whisky lovers in India.

Price of 8PM whisky in India: 435 INR

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in 8PM whisky: 42.8% ABV

Best Irish whiskey Brands in India

The Irish perfected the art of whiskey distillation even before their neighbours in Scotland had, and were once the world’s first authority when ‘quality whiskey’ came into question. Subsequent bad luck, and other ill-fated events bought Irish whiskey down by a considerable amount before the sheer love of Irish whiskey restored an industry that was close to breathing its last.

Brands such as Jameson, Redbreast, and Bushmills among many more have spearheaded the revival of the Irish whiskey industry, making it popular in the overseas market once again. Today, Irish whiskey is ludicrously popular all over the world, and is gaining a glowing reputation in the world’s largest whiskey drinking market, India. India is quenching their thirst for Irish whiskey like never before, and if you still haven’t been bitten by the whiskey bug yet, this is certainly a good place to start your journey. Most Irish whiskey for beginners is a good idea, and is a perfect initiation into this wonderful, complex and rich world of whisky tasting.

Jameson Irish whiskey

Jameson irish whiskey

Considered by many to be the flagbearer of the revival of the Irish whiskey movement, Jameson is sold in almost every country of the world, desired by drinkers and cocktail experts alike.

A blend of pot still and grain whiskeys, Jameson is considered to be the quintessential Irish whiskey due to its smoothness, courtesy the Triple Distillation and age-statement of 4 years, which make it adaptable to just about anyone’s taste. Jameson is the best Irish whiskey brand in India because it can be sipped on neat, accompanied with soda, and even mixed into just about any whiskey cocktail you can think of, a true champion.

The price for Jameson Irish whiskey in India is 2,240 INR.


Redbreast irish whiskey

Source: Whiskyexchange

If Jameson is the largest selling Irish whiskey in the world, Redbreast also has a claim to fame, offering Jameson some elite company. Redbreast is the world’s largest selling Pot Still Irish whiskey, and the brand vows by their resolve to remain true to the old ways.

Redbreast is one of Jim Murray’s personal favourites, and is an excellent whiskey that is strongly recommended by us. It was absent for a brief while, being relaunched in 1991 with an improved focus on quality and is now delivering a fantastic Pot Still Irish whiskey.

Tullamore D.E.W.

Tullamore dew irish whiskey

Source: celticwhiskeyshop

Tullamore D.E.W. is named so after Daniel. E. Williams, the creator of this blended Irish whiskey, a blend of three different types of Irish whiskeys; single grain, single malt and pot still whiskeys that are then triple matured in three different types of casks.

All the effort that goes into preparing a Tullamore D.E.W. bottle of whiskey is worth it since, behind Jameson, it is the world’s second most popular Irish whiskey and one of the best Irish whiskey available in India.

Powers Gold Label

Powers gold label whiskey

Source: celticwhiskeyshop

The Powers brand of fine Irish whiskey dates back to 1791, and has had quite the journey throughout its history, being the first Dublin based Distillery to bottle their own whiskey. Today, Powers Gold Label is the company’s cornerstone bottling and is considered a classic.

The Powers’ way of making whiskey is to discard the top and the tail, the bottom and top of the second and third charges of distilled spirit, and only using the heart. Matured in second and third fill ex-Bourbon casks, Powers is a smooth classic, and makes for an exceptional sipping whiskey.

Price of Powers Gold Label in India: 2624 INR (Bangalore)

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Powers Gold Label: 43.2% ABV

Bushmills Irish whiskey

Bushmills irish whiskey

Source: Celticwhiskeyshop

Bushmills is ‘the’ oldest licensed Irish distillery, established in 1608 as the company likes to claim although the distillery itself was built in 1784. Nevertheless, Bushmills has withstood the test of time with its blended whiskey, created by blending 5 year old grain whiskey with malt whiskeys.

Like most Irish whiskeys, Bushmills too, is triple distilled and is known to be a sort of cult classic, an inexpensive, mellow, and every day drink that you won’t mind stocking up on because you will be drinking a lot of it.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage in Bushmills Original: 40% ABV

Teeling Single Malt Irish whiskey

Teeling irish whiskey

Source: convive wine and spirits

This no-age-statement single malt Irish whiskey is one of the few still around, and is a stunning single malt no doubt. Created by combining some of their most coveted single malts finished in a variety of used wine barrels, this rich, flavoursome whiskey is near bottomless in depth and complexity.

Port, Sherry, Madeira, White Burgundy and Cabernet Sauvignon are the 5 different barrels used to mature the source whiskies for this single malt, truly one of the best Irish whiskey brands in India, and worldwide.

Best whisky brands under 2500 RS

100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch whisky

100 pipers deluxe blended scotch whisky

The first ever Scotch whisky brand to hit the landmark sales figure of 1 million cases in India, perhaps there is no other testament to the quality of 100 Pipers than its popularity itself. Due to the expensive nature of Scotch whisky, the segment is relatively smaller in India, yet the country leads the list of countries where Scotch whisky is gaining an enormous amount of traction in recent years.

Spearheading this newfound popularity for Scotch whisky in India, and even countries such as Thailand, Spain, and many countries in the South American continent is 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch. A blend of the finest source whiskies from Scotland, and a fortuitous combination of superior quality and modest pricing, it is a terrific Scotch whisky brand under 2000 Rupees.

Teachers Highland Cream

Teachers highland cream

The second most popular blended Scotch whisky brand in India today, Teachers Highland Cream is a classic blend that has a vast number of loyalists swearing by their favourite Scotch. For the people who believe a good whisky does not have to be too clever, Teachers Highland Cream is the choice.

Smooth, smoky and with a subtle sweetness, this blend is built upon the blueprint single malt whisky from the Ardmore, a Highland Distillery. Since it is one of the most affordable Scotch brands in India, the Teachers whisky best price of around 2000 Rupees is considered perfect. Since Scotch price in India are determined by different states and their duties, the Scotch price in Delhi and Scotch price in Mumbai are very different. In West Bengal, Teachers whisky best price is in the 3000-3500 Rupees range.

Black & White Scotch whisky

B&W scotch whisky

Another great Scotch whisky brand under 2000 Rupees, Black & White is immensely popular in India for its smoothness, courtesy to the blend’s higher proportion of grain whisky. Easily recognized by the green tinted bottle with the picture of a pair of a black Scottish terrier, and a white West Highland Terrier, the inspiration behind the brand name for founder James Buchanan.

Another classic in our list of best whisky brands in India under 2000 Rupees, Black & White is a crisp, light and a splendid every day drink that won’t have your pockets feeling the pinch.

Blenders Pride

Blenders pride whiskey

A worthy inclusion that sells like hot cakes in India, Blenders Pride was a pioneer in the Indian whisky segment when it was released in 1995, using no artificial flavouring for their whisky.

Like most Indian blended whiskies, Blenders Pride is made by marrying Scotch malts with grain whisky, although it contains no sub-standard molasses based neutral spirits. The flavourful Scotch malts employed in the Blenders Pride blend come from none other than the Chivas Brothers, with some excellent grain whiskies lend their astonishing smoothness to this delightful drink.

Antiquity Blue

antiquity blue whisky

Antiquity Blue is a grain based blended Indian whisky that was first introduced into the market by Shaw Wallace in 1992, and the brand has been commercially successful since then.

Although not universally approved of, the brand does have a fair share of loyalists who desire the brand for its texture and pleasant finish.

The brand’s packaging is sleek and aesthetic, and plays a considerable role in the brand’s popularity in the Indian market. Antiquity Blue may not be the top dog in the Indian whisky industry but it is one of the best whisky brands in India under 1000 Rupees that you can lay your hands on.

Royal Stag

Royal stag whisky

This is one of the most competitively priced Indian whisky in the market, and has been consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing whisky brands in India ever since it was first released. Royal Stag is a soft, smoky and well-rounded whisky with subtle aromas of leafy grass, wood, and fruit, a tempting combination of flavours and fragrances.

It is an iconic brand in the Indian whisky market, and can easily be recognized even by non-drinkers which speak volumes about the magnitude of its commercial viability and the colossal footprint of the Royal Stag brand in India.

Imperial Blue

imperial blue indian whisky

Imperial Blue is a grain based whisky that is light, well-rounded and slightly smoky that ranks high on the list of bestselling whisky brands in India, and the world. It is well-known among Imperial Blue loyalists for its potency yet not being a harsh whisky.

Currently, Imperial Blue does incredibly well in the Indian market, registering sales of over 20 million cases annually, doing considerably well among the 25-40 year old urban and semi-urban male demographic. It’s called as one of the best whisky in India below 1000.

Peter Scot Malt whisky

peter scot malt whisky

This whisky belongs to the premium segment of the Indian whisky industry, and is manufactured by Khoday Distilleries Limited. Even though the name may sound foreign, Peter Scot is a blended Indian whisky distilled in Bangalore, India.

It is popular down south, and enjoys a cult following among Peter Scot enthusiasts who share a penchant for it.

Signature Premier Grain whisky

signature premium indian whisky

Also known as McDowell’s Signature whisky, this blended Indian whisky brand was released in India in 1994, and has since sustained its presence in the whisky industry by banking on its quality and loyal consumer base.

The presence of molasses based spirit in this light, smoky blend would easily be suspected by seasoned whisky drinkers, yet its affordable pricing and smooth finish is well-liked by Signature loyalists. Signature also has a unique octagonal bottle that gives it a classy appearance that helps drive its popularity, earning it an entry into our list of best whisky brands in India under 2000 Rupees.

Royal Challenge

Royal challenge whisky

Another entry into our list that was introduced by Shaw Wallace a few decades ago, Royal Challenge has retained its charm among the Indian whisky lovers. Royal Challenge is an excellent performer on the sales front, delivering a fairly decent product that does well in the semi-urban areas of the country.

The Royal Challenge blend is known to feature a higher proportion of neutral, molasses based spirits which give it a slightly harsh bite, and an acetone taste. However, as most Indian whisky drinkers prefer to use mixers such as water, soda, or cola.

Best Whisky brands under 4000

Ballantine’s Finest

Ballantines scotch

The backbone of the Ballantine’s core range of blended Scotch whiskies, Ballantine’s Finest is the second bestselling Scotch whisky worldwide. The brand has a string of strong recommendations and glowing reviews in its kitty, regularly making its presence felt in a number of ‘best of’ lists.

Creamy, richly flavoured and with a pleasing, delicate aftertaste, Ballantine’s Finest is a no-age-statement blended Scotch that has been fittingly named. With an unchanged recipe since the early 1900s, it is one of the best whisky brands available under 3000 Rs.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson brand whisky

Jameson is perhaps Ireland’s most famous export, renowned for its triple-distilled smoothness, and its unique adaptability that suits the tastes of every whiskey lover on the planet, no matter how they choose to take their whiskey. Neat, or with ice; with soda, or mixed into a cocktail, Jameson is the perfect whiskey for it all.

A particular favourite not just among whiskey drinkers but even bartenders who love to experiment with this mesmerizing blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys.

Johnnie Walker Red Label

JW red label blended scotch whisky

The standard blend from the house of Johnnie Walker, Red Label is their most widely sold no-age-statement blend that regularly registers astonishing sales numbers. Known to be a great whisky for mixers and whisky cocktails, Johnnie Walker Red Label’s rich, smoky flavours are popular among whisky enthusiasts.

The Red Label expression has been a serial winner at many whisky tasting competitions, and with such a glowing reputation, is truly one of the best whisky brands under 3000 Rupees.

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Best Whisky brands under 6000 Rupees

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

The Glenlivet 12

This classic Speyside single malt is an excellent expression with flavours of fruity pineapples, velvety palate and a creamy aftertaste is deservedly one of the world’s top single malt Scotch!

From the house of The Glenlivet, the first licensed distillery at the Speyside, an iconic institution in the world of Scotch whisky, this vibrant gold spirit is one of the best whisky brands in India under 5000 Rupees.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Chivas regal 12

The pioneers in the world of whisky blending, Chivas Brothers are credited with changing the world of Scotch whisky forever. They are also credited with creating the world’s first luxury whisky, and this 12 Year Old jewel is the standard expression from the Chivas inventory.

Awarded a string of awards at whisky tasting competitions, the Chivas Regal 12 packs an explosion of sweet, fruity flavours and aromas with subtle hints of spices, nuts and nutty caramel.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

JW Black label

With an age-statement of 12 Years, and a blend of Scotch whiskies from four different regions of Scotland, the Johnnie Walker Black Label is one of the richest, most complex, and revered expressions from the Johnnie Walker stable.

It is one of India’s most sought after Scotch brands that under the price-tag of 5000 Rupees, is an exceedingly tempting proposition for just about any whisky lover out there. To find out more great whisky brands under 5000 Rupees, click here.